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Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are a condition where the eyes begin swelling due to different factors. The skin around the eyes is very thin and is full of blood vessels which make it very sensitive. Usually puffy eyes will go away after a little bit of time or some treatments done at home.

However, puffy eyes are also symptoms of other eye conditions that may require examination by an eye care professional. In cases where puffy eyes are severe and persistent or are accompanied by pain, discomfort, blurry vision, or other conditions, an optometrist should be contacted about the problem.

We know a man who has so much puffiness under his eyes, it looks like his nose is wearing a saddle. One reason for puffiness may be an excessive amount of salt in one's diet. Salt causes water retention and water retention causes puffiness. What can be done about it? Stay away from salt.

Here are some home remedies

  • When you want to look your best, set your clock an hour earlier than usual. Give yourself that extra time to depuff. Either that, or sleep sitting up so the puffs don't get a chance to form under your eyes.

  • If you already have puffs, wet a couple of chamomile tea bags with tepid water and put them on your closed eyelids. Relax that way for 15 minutes.

  • Fill a small bowl with iced water or ice-cold milk. Soak a cotton wool pad with the liquid and lie down with the dampened pads over your eyes. Replace the pads as soon as they become warm. Continue for 15 minutes. As well as reducing puffiness, this treatment will brighten the whites of your eyes.

  • Thin cucumber slices used as compresses over closed eyes will relieve sore, puffy eyes.

  • Avoid salty foods, which cause the under eye area (and the rest of your body ) to hold fluid.

  • Soothing Eye creams with aloe and Vitamin E can be applied to the eyes



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