Honey You Are Not Alone
Sunny • on 13 years ago • 1 min read

You are not alone
My heart is on your path
Every journey taken
Will find its way at last

Solitude becomes you
Quietness divine
Mind is gently speaking
Words I need to find

Capture dreams in journey
For when you will return
Hearts will have great meaning
In beauty you have learned

You fill my life with happiness
You give me all I need
Journey love forever
This road will be our dream

This path that we have taken
It never will subside
No matter what the destiny
I am your spirit bride

Each night before I close my eyes
I look out to the sea
I know your spirit saying
Our love will always be

Gathered in my treasures
This destiny divine
You have given special gift
Of journeys through lifetime.

Honey You're not alone.....................


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