Honeymoon Tips For Bride
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After the hectic time known as planning a wedding, there is nothing quite like getting away from it all on a relaxing honeymoon. Naturally, every couple wants their honeymoon trip to go as smoothly as possible. These honeymoon tips and etiquette for newlyweds will ensure that your vacation is all you hope for.

Here are some tips for making your honeymoon as pleasurable as possible for your new husband.

Visually stimulating.

It is likely not a surprise for you to find out that men tend to be very visual when it comes to pleasurable sensuality. While you may want to and possibly should accentuate your newlywed bride innocence, you should still be thoroughly prepared with some spectacularly gorgeous and flattering lingerie for your special occasion.

It is highly recommended that you not show him the lingerie in question prior to the first special introduction during your honeymoon together. You can take things even further by fulfilling a known fantasy of his as long as it is an elegant one.

Help him pleasure you.

Every woman’s body is different and your groom may need to have a little guidance in the art of making love to you in particular. Guide him gently as to not make him feel insecure, especially during your honeymoon. The real loving ecstasy is usually found in a mutual devotion and pleasure.

Help your groom and you both to go to that deeper level by guiding him with your soft spoken cues and he will likely be happy to hear your positive feedback and gladly oblige. Just a simple “Right there!” or “That’s good!” is fine for location and simply whisper “Faster!” or “Slower” in your groom’s ear to guide his speed.

Remember to take a short break if you want to continue when he is near the verge. Don’t ever break if he is already at the verge or already in the midst, unless you have a pleasurable surprise planned for him. There is nothing for a man that is quite like an orgasm inside a woman he loves. It is like he has completed his purpose in life and feels absolute success and contentment.

Oral communication.

You may need to introduce him to the fine art of oral communication with your most pleasurably sensual area. If you are both truly in love and you are both in good physical health (and especially if you are pleasuring your groom in this way) then you should be on the receiving as well as the giving side. Suggest in a quiet and natural way, without words, by gracefully and casually initiating the right position for both of you to easily pleasure one another. Your honeymoon is certainly not a place to make any kind of an issue out of it or begin refusing to pleasure each other in ways you already do.

Less is more.

A very important consideration for most men is making sure any body hair you may have is removed wherever he might find it less than pleasing. Some men are into it, but just about every man would prefer a woman with no body hair at all or just a small decorative patch. If you are serious about his pleasure you will not have any problem with this.

Engagement Memories

A newly married couple will have lots of documentation of the wedding day itself, yet few have documentation of planning the wedding. A bride will love a beautiful album with pictures of her shower, a journal for recording her thoughts during the process, or a scrapbook you've put together. Grooms, why not put together a scrapbook of your dating memories? To make it extra special, add tickets or gift certificates so that you can revisit one of the places that made such great memories.

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