Hotels In Ahmedabad-Five Star Excellence
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There are a few five star hotels in Ahmedabad. There are renowned for the excellent cuisine and hospitality. Some of the luxury hotels that are available in Ahmedabad are Le Meridien Ahmedabad, Taj Residency Ahmedabad, Inder Residency Ahmedabad.

Le Meridien prides itself on providing excellent services and the rooms are have good views of the city, some rooms are situated overlooking the swimming pool and these are the most sought after rooms in the hotel. The staff aims to make the guests feel at home and they are driven to achieve the excellent standards of hospitality that is expected from a top luxury hotel.

The Le Meridien caters to both the business traveler as well as the leisure traveler and makes sure that they all collectively feel at home, and this is done through the state of the art facilities that they provide. The hotel is among the best luxury hotels in the city.

Inder Residency caters to a smaller set of clientele and they are known for providing guests with outstanding service. They are predominantly well known as a business hotel and the rooms are renowned for being equipped with the latest technological advancements.

Since the hotel caters to small set of people at any given time, they provide undiminished service to all their clientele. You will have to book your rooms in advance beforehand though, as rooms in these hotels are in huge demand.

Taj Residency is a fore runner in the luxury hotel industry and it is renowned for the high level of luxury that is provided. The guests will experience a feeling of infinite luxury and the rooms are also designed to cater to both business and leisure guests. The rooms consist of two separate portions, the lounge and the bedrooms.

Taj Residency caters to the every whim and need of the guests and is at the top of the luxury hotel tree. Guests can relax in the coffee lounge present in this hotel and can have business meetings or personal conversations over a steaming mug of coffee in the lounge. There are other options in the hotel as well, and people can opt for everything ranging from coffee, drinks and snacks to make themselves comfortable and at home.

Ahmedabad hotels are on a relatively smaller scale than many other hotels but they are known for their high level of excellence and they also ensure that their guests return again.

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