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Bhopal is a city which has a unique blend of traditional life as well as all the sophistications of the modern life and the hotels in Bhopal reflect that. Consequently there are many hotels that are coming up in the wide city. Luxury hotels in Bhopal cater to the affluent and there are many choices.

The hotels are also a unique blend of heritage hotels and modern ones. Some of the well known Bhopal hotels are The Noor Us Sabah Palace and The Jehan Numa Hotel. These are the crème de la crème of the hotels in Bhopal and are skilled in providing luxury in a very grand sale in the city. The hotels are strategically located so as to provide excellent views of the Bhopal Lake and some of them also provide breathtaking views of the Vindhya mountain range.

The hotels are a good blend of traditional hospitality and modern living. They provide luxury services at accommodative rates. The Jehan Numa Palace Hotel is one of the premier hotels in the city. The 19th century building which has now been restored to its imperial splendor is a sight in itself.

Set amidst the palace grounds the hotel is renowned for maintaining its colonial charm. The palace itself is a treat to the eye and the original interiors have also been restored and retained. The Jehan Numa Palace Hotel provides all this grandeur at relatively accommodative rates and this makes it an ideal place to stay. The restaurant at the hotel is famous for its excellent fare and the hotel also has a stock of good quality liquors.

The Noor Us Sabah Hotel is another five star luxury hotel that provides guests with a good living experience. Noor Us Sabah Hotel is among the most highly rated Bhopal Hotels for its excellence in hospitality. The hotel offers an outstanding view of the lake as well. The food in this hotel is of excellent standard.

All rooms in these hotels are air conditioned and this is an important factor that you’ll have to consider while traveling to Bhopal. Normal budget hotels and mid range hotels will charge you more for air conditioning, as both air conditioned and non air conditioned rooms are available. Luxury hotels, on the other hand, have centralized air conditioning. You can thus opt for a stay in one of the luxury hotels in order to make your trip to Bhopal more comfortable.

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