Hotels In Himachal Pradesh – Four Star Luxury
Soni • onGeneral 8 years ago • 3 min read

The state of Himachal Pradesh has always been known for its scenic locales and it has been an attractive tourist destination for over two hundred years. Initially, the British officers stationed in India used it as a place to get away from the heat and suffocation of the mainland. In those days several lodges and impressive bungalows were built to cater to the needs of the British. Most of these bungalows still exist and many of them have become hotels.

There are several four star hotels located all around the state and many of them are quite new. There are a few heritage hotels that provide four star comparable luxuries as well. The towns of Shimla and Dharamsala are the main tourist spots in town and these have the most number of four star joints. Many of these hotels provide impressive views of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh.

The hotels in the state are known for their impressive hospitality and the four star hotels take the meaning of luxury to the next level. Over the last decade or so several new four star options have sprung up all over the state. Even the lesser known towns are hosting new hotels. A Honeymoon in India has become synonymous with hill stations and these hotels provide some of the best packages for newly weds. It might well worth taking advantage of these impressive packages.

Four star hotels in the state provide a whole range of facilities ranging from the simple to the extraordinary. Many of them have swimming pools and spas that are of international standard. This is especially because of the high influx of foreign tourists. Spas are complete with facilities such as sauna room and steam room. Four star hotels in the state provide fine dining options as well. In room dining facilities are quite common too.

The rooms are almost always plush and elegant. They are well decorated and fitted with the latest equipment and facilities. En suite bathrooms are available as well. Some rooms are fitted with bath tubs and jaccuzis. The hotels also arrange for sight seeing tours to most of the tourist destinations. Guests can rent cars and take day trips to nearby places. Opportunities for fishing and white water rafting are also part of the package. Overall staying at these hotels will be a peaceful and exciting experience. Tourism in India is fast developing and four star hotels in the state are keeping pace with this trend.


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