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Hyderabad hotels are known for their opulence and since the city is a popular tourist destination they cater to many people from different societies. There are many luxury hotels, boutique hotels, heritage hotels and budget hotels in Hyderabad. Many of the luxury hotels are known for their excellent Andhra Cuisine and Hyderabad Biriyani.

Some of the luxury hotels that are present in Hyderabad are the Taj Krishna, Taj Banjara, Ista, Katriya de Royal, Hyderabad Marriott and Convention center and Taj Deccan.

There are hotels in the luxury range that provide very good services for normal tourists and travelers. Air conditioning is a must in Hyderabad, and hotels should have good air conditioning.

These hotels are known for their extensive hospitality and they provide the guests with almost obsessive service. These hotels are run by famous establishments and many of them can be classified for business hotels as well.

The Corporate Inn Hotel, Hyderabad Marriott and Convention Center can be classified as business hotels. They are known for their excellent infrastructure and the convention halls are among the best in the country. Since Hyderabad is also an important business center these hotels offer some of the best services in the industry. Apart from conference halls and convention center the hotels also provide excellent tele-communication services and high speed Wi-Fi for their guests. These business hotels are capable of hosting international conventions.

There are many hotels that provide five star luxury services and they are catered for the affluent class of travelers. Many of the hotels in Hyderabad have to cater to foreign delegates and tourists and hence they are striving to provide the best service. In order to cater to the international guests many of the hotels provide cuisine from different parts of the world.

Luxury hotels in Hyderabad are famous for their international range of cuisine such as Chinese, Continental, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai and many others. Professional staff and trained chefs cater to every type of traveler in these 5 star hotels. They also serve traditional Indian and Andhra cuisine.

You can opt for these luxury hotels, mainly going by their cuisine which is simply out of this world. Apart from the traditional Indian and local cuisine, these luxury hotels also provide international and continental cuisine, and even Chinese and Italian cuisines for their patrons. The dishes are crafted to the last inch, and the quality is normally top notch. These hotels make sure that their guests are always satisfied in the catering section.

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