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There are numerous Jaisalmer hotels that are located in old palaces and havellis. The palaces have a limited number of rooms and the rooms are designed with the old Rajput interiors and many of the old paintings and sculptures can be found at the palaces. The heritage hotels have spacious rooms and they are designed for the ultimate luxury that is befitting to a king.

Some of the heritage hotels that are located in Jaisalmer are the Jawahar Niwas Palace, Jai Castle, Mandir Palace, Nanchana Havelli, Dhola Maru, Deoki Niwa Palace and The Narayan Niwas Palace. Most of the heritage hotels are catered to the leisure traveler and guests are pampered with the ultimate level of luxury. Many of the hotels have retained the original interiors of the Havellis and palaces and these buildings are similar to what they were the Rajput times.

The Jaisalmer Castle Hotel has eleven rooms that have to be booked in advance and they are spacious. The palace hotel caters to a limited number of guest and the guests are treated as one among the family. Jaisalmer hotels such as the Jaisalmer Castle have managed to strike the balance between the old world hospitality and modern amenities. The hotel is fitted with the latest technology and guests need not forego their modern requirement.

The cuisine at the Jaisalmer Castle hotel is typically Rajasthani and the guests are treated to a wide variety of recipes that have been handed down for many generations. The hotel rooms here are air conditioned, and this is an achievement given the vast size of the rooms in these hotels. You can also make phone calls among the local network, STD calls and ISD phone calls from the landline in your room. Phones are also fitted in the bathroom, thereby making communication easier.

These hotels have hot water facilities, though this might not be much needed in the city of Jaisalmer. The front desk is very helpful, and you can approach the personnel there in case you have any queries.

Many of the hotels in Jaisalmer are family run and they are tastefully decorated. Some of the old interiors in The Mandir Palace Hotel and The Nachana Havelli have been restored and the original silver inlays and furniture can be still found today. Many paintings dating back many centuries can still be found at the heritage hotels and they add to the tastefully designed interiors.

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