Hotels In Jammu And Kashmir – Mountain Top Paradise
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Jammu And Kashmir has been a popular hill side getaway since the time of the Mughal dynasty. Many kings and queens escaped the heat of mainland India by traveling to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The area has been known for its proud tradition of hospitality and the five star hotels here serve to exemplify this. Flying from Delhi To Jammu is the quickest and the easiest route.

There are hotels available in Jammu in several categories. The five star hotels however are the best option for staying. These hotels provide luxury like no other. There are four major five star hotels located in Jammu and Kashmir. Hotel Grand Palace, Broadway Hotel, Akbar Hotel and Centaur Lake View are renowned for their hospitality and service. The hotels mentioned above provide airport pickup and drop facilities.

The five star hotels in Jammu and Kashmir are renowned for their personalized service, attention to detail and quality in service. Hotel Grand Palace located in Srinagar is situated in the heart of the city. The hotel is well known for its opulent design and its stunning architecture. The hotel has a fantastic view on one side and overlooks the Dal Lake. Owing to this, many visitors prefer the lakeside view of the hotel and book their rooms at least 2 months in advance. The hotel offers a host of amenities for holidaying families as well as executives on business trips.

The building formerly belonged to the royal family and it is a heritage monument. In essence the hotel itself is a museum of sorts and is an interesting place to stay in. Since the hotel is located close to the heart of the city, one can visit all the main places of interest easily. Most of the important tourist destinations are a short walk away. The hotel also offers tours and packages for its guests. Guests who wish to travel around Jammu and Kashmir can do so with the help of these packages.

There are 115 rooms in the hotel and this includes deluxe rooms and suites. The hotel also offers fitness centers and business centers for those predisposed to working out or working during their trips. Kashmir Tourism is on the rise and these five star hotels are privy to this fact. Staying at the Hotel Grand Palace is a once in a lifetime experience.



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