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Jodhpur has always been renowned for its excellent hospitality and the hotels in Jodhpur are striving to keep their tradition going. Jodhpur hotels are renowned for their opulence and colorful interiors. There are many heritage hotels that can be found in Jodhpur and they are among the best in the country. Jodhpur hotels such as The Hotel Balsamand Lake Palace, Hotel Devi Bhavan Jodhpur, Fort Chanwa Luni, Karni Bhawan, Hotel Ranbanka and The Ajit Bhawan Resort are some of the heritage hotels that can be found in the country.

Jodhpur heritage hotels aim at providing the level of luxury that the Maharaja’s enjoyed. This dedication to hospitality is the main reason why their guests make sure that they drop by in these same hotels every single time they are in Jodhpur. Heritage hotels aim at providing the guests with an insight into the culture and traditions of Jodhpur. These hotels organize many tours that aim to help the guest understand the way of life in Jodhpur.

Heritage hotels are also famous for providing an old world shopping experience. The heritage hotels organize bazaars and also have many traditional Jodhpuri and Rasjathani articles for sale. The interiors of the Jodhpur heritage hotels are adorned with many frescoes and vivid wall paintings of kings and tales of heroism.

The Balsamand Lake Palace Hotel is one of the most famous heritage hotels in Jodhpur. Balsamand Lake Palace Hotel is famous for its traditional Rajasthani cuisine and also has a fine collection of liquors. The hotel is situated on the Balsamand Lake and offers breathtaking views from each of the 36 rooms. This hotel is decorated with original Rajasthani curtains and Drapes and also has traditional and original Jodhpuri furniture. The terrace offers some excellent views of the lake and is a perfect place to spend the evenings with the pleasant breeze blowing from the lake. It caters to both business and leisure travelers.

You can opt for resorts that are located in the outskirts of Jodhpur too, as these resorts can normally be booked as packages and they will give you a deep glimpse on the local traditions, including live shows and performances of local music, dance and other related activities. Staying in a resort can be fun and adventurous at the same time, as these resorts also have rooms that are plush and comfortable.

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