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Matheran is a very beautiful and scenic town located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, and this town has many options when it comes to accommodation for tourists. Matheran has grown in stature as a tourist place and the annual tourist influx to this town has exponentially increased over the years.

In a bid to make the most of this opportunity, many hotels have opened up in the town in order to cater to the growing demand for good accommodation options. These hotels in Matheran cater to every section of the society, and there are three star hotels that cater to families and five star hotels that cater to tourists for whom luxury is a prime concern.

Heritage hotels are great options for those who’re looking for a luxury setting where they can feel at home, because these heritage Matheran hotels are places that were once huge houses of renowned individuals. You can get a taste of the local culture by opting for a room in a heritage hotel, as opposed to living in a five star hotel.

The Verandah in the Forest is a heritage hotel that’s popular among tourists who travel to Matheran, and this hotel is located less than a kilometer away from the railway station in the town. The hotel is easily accessible and it even offers pickup and drop services from the railway station for the convenience of its residents. The hotel is located in a very scenic setting in the already beautiful Matheran, and it is poised at the edge of a lake.

The rooms are very well furnished according to the local culture, and there are over 11 rooms in this hotel. These rooms are split into two types that you can choose among – luxury suites and grand rooms, according to your preferences and budget. The rooms are fully equipped with modern amenities like cable TV sets, telephones and fast internet connections. The hotel also provides running water throughout the day, without any breaks and room service is provided instantly and regularly.

There’s a multi cuisine restaurant within the premises, and here you can enjoy spicy and well made Indian, Chinese and other continental items. Dinners are grand and well prepared, and you can dig in to your heart’s content. Carom boards are also available in the hotel, and you can enjoy a game of carom with your friends. The hotel also provides a nature walk facility for all residents, and this is an ideal way through which you can explore the surrounding regions in Matheran.

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