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Finding a hotel in Mumbai is very easy, although you may have to book your rooms well in advance. This is because Mumbai is a very important destination and hotel rooms are in high demand throughout the year. Although luxury and high end hotels may have a couple of suites or rooms open for accommodation, the ones that are packed to the fullest are three star hotels.

Three star Mumbai hotels are ideal, if you’re planning to stay in the city for quite some time as you’ll get all the basic amenities that you need for moderate rates.

Hotel Metro Palace is a hotel in Mumbai that provides three star accommodations for very nominal rates. This hotel combines elegance and style with practicality, and provides a comprehensive list of services for its residents. All rooms in Hotel Metro Palace are air conditioned, and they have an attached restroom.

The rooms are all fully furnished with striking pieces of furniture, and are well equipped with the latest technology as well. All modern amenities will be available in the rooms in this hotel, including a television with cable and dish access and a broadband connection. Apart from the air conditioning, the bathing areas in all rooms are equipped with water heaters that’ll help you enjoy a relaxing shower after your adventures in the city.

You can opt for rooms from Hotel Metro Palace from three categories, and there are Platinum rooms, Gold rooms, and Silver rooms. Refrigerators will be available in all rooms, and many rooms in this hotel house a mini bar, and a tea maker/coffee maker. Hotel Metro Palace also has a restaurant in its premises, where you can choose among many cuisines. The Temptation Pub, located in Hotel Metro Palace is one of the most happening pubs in town and you can unwind in this place with the finest wines.

While searching for three star hotels in Mumbai, you can also check out Hotel Ajanta, which is located at a distance of seven kilometers from the International Airport and five kilometers from the Domestic Airport. This hotel is an ideal place because it is located in a very commercial region in the city, and shopping enthusiasts can pay frequent visits to the nearby malls once they’re done with their personal work. The hotel provides a broadband connection and a mini fridge, along with cable television, safe vaults, and excellent room service throughout the day. This hotel is quite popular, and is located near the beach.

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