Hotels In Nainital – Of Hilly Heritage And Hotels
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Hotels in Nainital are of many types, and choosing a hotel from the many options available can be quite hard. You’ll first need to figure out the extent of your stay in Nainital so that you can make the right choice when it comes to hotels. If you’re planning to stay in Nainital for a couple of days at the maximum, then opting for a high end luxury hotel can be a good idea. Through these hotels, you can enjoy your time in Nainital in maximum luxury, and can be pampered and treated like royalty, with enough amenities that will help you unload all your worries.

If, on the other hand, you’re visiting Nainital with your family and are planning to stay for a week or more, three star hotels that provide good accommodation and value for money are your best bet. There are many luxury hotels in Nainital, and these can be further divided into heritage hotels, resorts, five star hotels and four star hotels.

Heritage hotels are huge palatial homes that are partitioned and converted into hotels so that tourists can enjoy and experience some royal luxury. Five star hotels provide state of the art rooms that are fully equipped, with the latest amenities so that you don’t have to step out anywhere for anything. The scene is the same with four star Nainital hotels, which provide luxury, albeit at more moderate and reasonable costs.

Chevron Fairhavens is a heritage hotel in Nainital, and it is one of the most famous heritage hotels in the hill town. This hotel is located very near the bus stand, and it is easily accessible. The hotel is a huge building that once was the summer palace of royal families that lived in Nainital. It has around 30 rooms, and these rooms are well furnished and excellently designed and not to mention, spacious. The rooms in this hotel come fully equipped with TV sets with satellite connection, high speed internet access, telephones through which you can dial any number directly and coffee makers and hair dryers.

The hotel also houses a restaurant with highly skilled chefs, and these restaurants serve continental, Indian and Chinese cuisine. You can opt for many adventurous activities like jungle trekking, nature walking during your stay in this hotel as it has many options for performing the same. Conference halls are also available to facilitate business meetings, and if you feel like you want to mingle with the other tourists, you can always opt for spending some time around the bonfire that’s lit up every now and then.


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