Hotels In Ooty – Boutiques For The Brazen Traveler
Soni • onInformation 8 years ago • 3 min read

Ooty is one of the most important tourist destinations in the southern part of India. This town is a quaint location that is popular among tourists who flock to the town during the summer months from the neighboring regions. This is because Ooty is a hill station and the climate here is moderate, when compared to the harsh climate in the other parts of the state.

Staying in Ooty can be an exhilarating experience, and there are many hotels that provide options for accommodation in the town. There are three star hotels in Ooty that provide accommodation options for families or groups of friends, four star hotels for people who’re looking for luxurious accommodation and five star hotels and boutiques for people who need the ultimate when it comes to luxury. You can choose a hotel from one of these options depending on your preferences and also depending on your budget.

Sherlock is one of the main hotels in Ooty, and this is a boutique that is located at a distance of two kilometers from the town center. It is located in a very ideal setting and the scenery around the place is simply breathtaking. The boutique is surrounded by lawns and gardens, and it is present in a very lazy and serene place, away from the tourist hotspots that are crowded and packed with travelers. There are nine rooms in this boutique and they are all very well furnished and spacious. The rooms are also packed with modern amenities.

Sherlock is essentially a heritage bungalow that has been converted into a hotel, and for this reason, the rooms have homely interiors and they are cozy and inviting. The nine rooms in Sherlock are classified under luxury rooms and deluxe rooms. They are all well equipped with satellite television sets, round the clock broadband internet and built in safety vaults. The hotel also provides all rooms with running water throughout the day. General services like room service and laundry service are also provided in this hotel.

Sherlock is also the right place for indulging in adventurous activities like jungle trekking, horse safaris, and fishing. Sherlock can be rightfully described as an angler’s paradise, as it has excellent options for fishing. A multi cuisine restaurant that is located within the premises of this hotel serves continental, Indian and Chinese cuisines and this is a great place where you can enjoy a calm dinner with your friends and family. Choosing the right hotel among the many Ooty hotels can help you stick to your budget without going overboard.


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