How Do I Know That Good Sex
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An important part of man's conquest of the knowledge of women and their desires. It is particularly important to feel her sexual qualities, because do not want to make an effort to get to bed 'log'.

When browsed by potential candidates, it is difficult to say which in case of mutual attraction rushed through you as starved leopardinja, which will lie beneath you as a poisoned yellow fin tuna from the Gulf of Mexico. Many 'already been established "a man has information about women's bed capacity

to the most important information before the conquest.


What is at first sight, an enigma, is having a good observation and through practical inoformacij fairly quickly solvable puzzle. As he says dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University, U.S., women's high heels, mini skirts and sexy are not exactly walking proof of its quality bed activity. These are usually only signs of its intention or self, which comes from its sexual nesamozavesti or even impossibility. In practice, many people probably already found that women who are sexy at first glance, the biggest 'flop' in bed.

Clear indicators of its abilities you can see already from the conversation. Beware of women who do not know what you are going. Women who give clear answers, you will also be well satisfied.

Feigned Ignorance is a bad sign. If an earlier will, of course, knew what he wanted. Older women are due to hormonal events are much more susceptible to sex, more experienced, more aware of their wishes. This is a clear sign that the younger women make vec. Veliko not yet experienced an orgasm, but according to experts, an important influence on women's sexual experience.

Also important is her way to behave when eating food. Legendary actress and director Candida Royale pornofilmov warns that if a woman does not know how to enjoy food, then it is also a good chance that can not enjoy sex. If you hold the fork in the hands of a dirty diaper, then in all likelihood not be able to grasp even your pride, which is sad.

You find that you miss the sexual and sensual can be a good catch. Therefore, it is also good to know whether her sexual rhythm similar to yours. It is logical that if you're horny rabbit and she's slow turtle from that flour is not bread. At least for the multiple romance Sun Experts contend that the physical and mental rhythm already sees through the conversation and mimicry. If it moves and speaks like an elderly nun, then it is good that you are also more 'monastic' type. Otherwise, someone of you is seriously dissatisfied.

During the kissing you finally believe it, if you were able to depart in nirvana. If used during kissing hands, chest pressure on your body, with legs pressed between your leg and kissing her lips draw the right foreplay, the pleasure (or perhaps something more) guaranteed.

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