How Do I Treat Hemorrhoids (Pacifier)
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The treatment of hemorrhoids (pacifier) is primarily designed to be pampered in the intestines. There are various ways, including through the diet. A high fiber diet is recommended, which will be enough fiber is usually more affected by hemorrhoids (pacifier) than those who do watch their diet habits.

Aspirin and other abbreviated in English NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, the bleeding from the hemorrhoids (pacifier) increase. Who needs a painkiller, so gives more preference to one drug from another family?


There are a number of other suggestions that may help the situation around piles (pacifier) and not to aggravate the symptoms associated with disorders may help alleviate. These are actually quite simple things, like the cleaning of the anus with soft toilet paper. The degree of softness can be increased by the first toilet paper wet. Of course it is only necessary if you've made stool. Wet wipes can also achieve a better effect.

Take care not to rub too hard in the anal area. In case the pain is too bad, you can clean your anus in the shower or bath instead of toilet paper to avoid. Each impact of the anus with toilet paper in some cases very painful. Dry the anus after cleaning with super soft paper. It may sound a little strange, but you can also wait for a quiet place before you dry your ass back to dress.

Other tips include avoiding perfumes and other toiletries that can stimulate the anus too hard. Relieve pain and itching of the anus can several times a day with ice to cool him again with a hot compress for 10 to 20 minutes to heat. Alternating cold with hot temperatures have a beneficial effect on the hemorrhoids (pacifier).

The repeatedly gently rubbing the anus with a wet wipes may have a beneficial effect. Another piece of advice: take a bath and sitting still doing well but water in the tub that the anus is properly covered. Do this several times a day, especially when the rumbling in the abdomen or when unexpected movements of the intestines have created. Keep no more than 15 minutes at a time in the bath. Be very careful with hot water, this can (too) hot and thus causing additional pain to the anus.

Anyone suffering from irritated and inflamed veins, with additional pain result may be better one day or more and remain flat in bed rest. This keeps the anus spared from sudden movements. Pregnant women sleep best on their side, which is not pregnant can sleep on his stomach. A pillow under the hips, the pressure on hemorrhoids (pacifier) away. Try not to long to sit or stand when hemorrhoids are irritated. Who should sit still long, uses a better cushion. Avoid lifting heavy objects. Wearing cotton underwear to avoid moisture accumulation is strongly recommended.

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