How Do U Know If It Is True Love?
Sunny • onLove & Harmony 13 years ago • 2 min read
  1. Ur HEART beats faster when U hear O their name.

  2. UR body melts when U R in their arms.

  3. They R the only G that U want 2 be with.

  4. No G else is even worth looking at…

  5. U would walk B miles N the ]snow just 2 C them

  1. U will do everything N UR power to make them H aPpY

  2. When some1 asks for Ur No#, Usay " U can (call ( my boy/ girl friend k get it from them.

  3. When every romantic thing makes U think of them.

  4. When U CrY when you won't C each other 4 a while.

  5. U go 2 zZzZzZzZzZz sleep Thinking about them.

  6. U wake UP thinking about them

  7. U want 2 spend every 6 moment with them

  8. U don't mind if all they want 2 do is cuddle

  9. Silence doesn't bother U

  10. They R not only UR Y lover, but also Ur best friend

  11. U can tell them anything1

  12. U can go 2 the movies k actually WATCH the movie, they R always there 4 U.

  13. They R there when times R rough

  14. When U say, "I LOVE YOU " k mean it.



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  • Guest 7 years ago
    Hey I learned that u don't have to try to be romantic .the smallest things can make her should ask her to dinner in anyplace and tell her how you feel. Don't be scare of showing u have feelings for her . And do really pray answers will come to u no worries (: