How Do Us Successfully Treated High Blood Pressure
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High blood pressure or hypertension is a disease that usually causes no problems. Although silent place, it should be treated. If we do not, there is a greater probability of occurrence:

  1. Stroke
  2. Heart muscle infarction
  3. Renal failures
  4. Other complications


What is blood pressure?

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Blood pressure ensures adequate blood flow in blood vessels. Blood flow to meet the needs of the demand for oxygen and nutrients needed for normal operation.

The level of blood pressure is determined by two values:

• Higher value or systolic pressure is the pressure in the arteries between heart rate when the heart shrinks and squeezes the blood in the veins; • Lower value or diastolic pressure is the pressure in the arteries between the two pulses at the time of relaxation of the heart. • Blood pressure because of the simplicity is still expressed in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg).

When blood pressure is elevated?

Blood pressure is not always the same, change is by changing the physical situation, and depends on physical activity, the higher daytime sleep is reduced.

Blood pressure rises above normal levels even in the excitement, fear, pain during physical load and the like, but soon after the termination of excitation is reduced to baseline. In these cases it is a perfectly normal reaction of the organism, which occurs in healthy subjects and in patients with hypertension.

Why is high blood pressure harmful?

Prolonged high blood pressure can cause vascular damage, heart failure, srcnomišicno and stroke, kidney failure and other complications.

In most cases the cause of hypertension is not known and can not be cured but can appropriate treatment, lower blood pressure to normal levels and thereby postpone or even prevent the emergence of complications due to continuous high blood pressure.

How do we successfully treat hypertension?

Sometimes the diagnosis and treatment of arterial hypertension is more complex and is to attain this objective requires patience and long-term patient and doctor.

It is important to regularly walk the recommended controls to the physician, because it is also possible to monitor the effectiveness of treatment and the occurrence or prevention of side effects of treatment.

How to discover and control the arterial hypertension?

Arterial hypertension usually does not cause problems, so it can be detected only by measuring blood pressure. In order to ascertain that blood pressure is permanently elevated, it is good that you measure it yourself at home (instructions on the measurement).

Blood pressure is measured normally to the upper arm in a seated political and occasionally in the prone or standing, with sfigmomanometrom (and possibly also with other blood pressure meters). We must take care that the blood pressure is measured with a cuff appropriate to the degree subject’s upper arm.

In the diagnosis and monitoring of the effectiveness of treatment, we also very helpful information in the log of blood pressure measurements.

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