How Do You Explain What You Do Online To Your Girl Friend
taiwo tayo james • onRelationship 10 years ago • 1 min read

Now, this is a really funny topic BUT when you consider it, you will find out that it is a really tough set of questions.

Let's start...

You are in a eatery in down-town Lagos, you meet a great chick and suddenly are put in a situation where you are to explain how you make your money...

How do you explain what you do?

Okay.. maybe that scenario was too easy. Try this.

You are about to pay for a new apartment, you have your cash because you make good money online BUT the landlord is asking for what you do?

How do you explain?

Maybe.. that one was not so difficult. What of this?

You get to the bank and they want to know what you do to have such a busy bank account statement.

What do you tell them?

Oya... make una talk o....

Because I am sure you've been in this situation or similar ones quite a number of times. How did you handle it? [email protected]


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  • Guest 10 years ago
    When you are online you can say whatever you want to say. If you don't know just say you are in the family business "lol"