How Google Track Invalid Clicks
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Have you think about how do google know that this is a Valid or Invalid AdClick? Google Adsense serve a large number of ads and it necessary to findout the fraud or invalid clicks on ads. Here is a Google Invalid Clicks Tracking Methods below which helps everyone to understand that how google can trace your clicks. Google can easily track you and collect your behaviour and data which you have browsed. Google is a leading ad company and manage everything very smartly.

As you know that Google Adsense allows to earn from valid clicks or page impressions. Ads are automatically distributed according to page materiel. Google adsense is very popular become Bloggers and everyone willing to get Adsense account. Many users making fraud clicks and try to earn easy money. But they often get banned because of Invalid Clicks method by Google.

But question is that How Google will detect invalid clicks? Google has highly sophisticated systems to detect invalid clicks. These are several ways to detect Invalid clicks:

IP Address: Its very common ways to detect invalid clicks almost all ads companies are using this method. Once you login to your account, your IP will be trace for such invalid click.

GEO Location: It has very powerful tools to detect from Geological Locations.

Cookies: Google will set cookies on your computer,that can trace even you restart your connection. Very strong tool for it.

Your Website/Blog Design: Google will clearly say that adsense user must Read Terms of Services (TOS) before use. Its has clearly mention that don’t offer visitors to click on ads and clearly mention that ADS wherever there is ads. You should not ask anyone to click on ads.

Way of Click: The way of click is artificial intelligence,Normally peoples will surf net and click on the ads but peoples intentionally click on ads as they enter wesite/blog.

Google Services: Other google services will detect the invalid clicks (Youtube, gmail, gtalk etc).

Also google has many other Detection and monitoring technique and Advance monitoring technique to find such activities. Remember that once you had been in invalid click scam the Google will suspend or ban your Account with or without intimation.

You must take care of this things to prevent your adsense account getting banned. For easy earning don't go for a invalid methods and I wish for a good earning to you.

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