How Is The Diagnosis Made Hernia?
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Hernias are common, but are not always recognizable as such. However, a sufficient examination by a doctor often with certainty hernia fixed. Sometimes though a noticeable swelling when the patient law, in most cases, the hernia is felt when rubbed by hand and / or printed here.

Obviously, there's a distinction between different types of hernias. In most cases, a herniated intervertebral disc that covers the nerve pinch. It's those pinch that causes the pain associated with a hernia. The pinched nerve in other words, the cause of the pain, sometimes severe.


Every case of hernia is different and will therefore be addressed differently. Moreover, every doctor has his way of working. Anyone who suffers from a severe form of hernia, find best contact with (ex-) peers. These men or women can give him or her in contact with a doctor on a previous occasion a hernia successfully treated. In the worst case, an inevitable surgery, but that does not necessarily always the case. Everything depends on the severity of the disorder.

Treatment of umbilical hernia is usually relatively easy

Umbilical hernia in infants can heal before four years old, making surgery unnecessary. In all cases, the treatment in the traditional way by surgery. Something that does the patient (e), or rather his or her parents have little to worry about. Such operations are, like other operations performed very often and are in fact no more than routine.

This form of hernia is not all known, it is not just for humans but also in animals. In particular (large) dogs may be affected by this, but calves and other animals. In animals would umbilical hernia may be hereditary. Moreover, it is possible to live with umbilical hernia, the condition can be controlled.

But it is better for babies to intervene because the condition can lead to more serious ailments. The major risk is that an enclosed body, so to speak being strangled, making the blood supply is cut off. The result, infections and / or death of tissue. Hence the need for an umbilical hernia but an eye to keep control of the doctor is a necessary condition.

When a hernia should surgically treated?

There are different types of hernia: serious and less serious. In the case of a less severe form, the doctor on the patient to push for at least another operation to get out. Symptom may disappear naturally and the patient at some point be declared cured. The hernia will remain as nothing more than an unpleasant memory.

But some forms of hernia are so severe that surgery is absolutely necessary. This may be the case when the pinched nerve in such a degree that bodily failure. Certain muscles will not or barely functioning. The patient wills not even certain transactions to exercise because of the inconvenience experienced as a result of the pinched nerve.

The severity of a herniated disc can also be diverted to the pain accompanying it. In some cases, the pain so severe that even painkillers are hardly even manages to suppress the pain. In the case of pain that makes life unbearable - it no longer able to sleep despite the use of painkillers - is a clear indication that it is time to choose an operation.

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