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Viral hepatitis (b) is a major global health problem. In fact, the disease comes in second after tobacco cause cancer. In addition, the hepatitis B virus (b) is more contagious than HIV, which causes the disease AIDS. In the United States infected 300,000 people every year. Almost 5,900 people die annually as a result of the disease: 4,000 of cirrhosis; 1,500 liver cancer; and 400 of the rapid development of hepatitis.

The risk of viral hepatitis (b) an estimated 5% in the United States. The portion of the risk greater for some groups. Most people who become infected with hepatitis B and can resist being expelled from the body, but there are an estimated 5-10% of bodies can not get rid of it would become carriers may develop the disease when a small percentage of them to cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure, or death .


How is the infection?

Resides viral hepatitis (b) in the blood and other body fluids (such as semen - vaginal discharge - breast milk - Tears - Saliva). And place of infection when exposure to these fluids during sexual intercourse, contaminated needles, through the mouth, or via a wound or abrasion in the skin. Able hepatitis B viral (b) live on the surface of contaminated material for a month is possible infection through participation in the use of tools shaving or toothbrush. However, in about 30% of cases do not know the way in which it was infection.

If we can summarize methods of transmission of the virus from one person to another as follows:

• From mother to fetus • Transmission between family members • Transmission through sex and body fluids • Other methods are not known

The symptoms that afflict the person in the advanced stages:

• Weight loss • In tiredness and fatigue • Jaundice • Nausea and vomiting • Appetite poor

Prevention of hepatitis B: -

Can be prevented, God willing, viral hepatitis (b) to follow the following rules:

• Vaccination against the virus that causes the disease, and this vaccine was safe and has no side effects and patient is given as three doses, between the first and second month, and between the second and third scratch months, but for children are given first shot is usually immediately after birth and the second in the second month of age and the third is between six months to a year. • Stay away from adultery and homosexuality. • Stay away from drugs. • The avoidance of sharing needles in the use of insulin and blood analysis tools for diabetics. • Avoid the use of toothbrushes and razors, which has already been used by other people.

What about the pregnancy if the mother is infected or carriers of the virus (b)?

More than 90% of pregnant women with the virus transmit infection to their babies during birth, and this should be on pregnant women testing hepatitis (b) during pregnancy to see if they are infected or not, and does not need to vaccinate all children immediately after birth protect them from the disease and providing them with immunity to continue with them for long, the program of compulsory vaccination against this virus for all the evil protect them from birth of HIV infection is effective within% 95.

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