How Long After Breastfeeding Menstruation?
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If you're breastfeeding your period continues for any length of time. Not for nothing is the oldest breast-feeding natural method of family planning and provides many cultures still in the spaces of time between successive births. If you are menstruating again, it may be that the taste of breast milk temporarily or otherwise of you to have less milk supply. You may feel differently.

Menstruation and fertility


After birth there is often a period of peace until the return of fertility. This is probably the hormone prolactin is responsible. Nowadays it is assumed that the increased prolactin levels in the blood after birth suppresses ovulation. If you do not breastfeed, prolactin drops very quickly and you can from the fourth week after birth count on the return of fertility. This applies even if you only briefly or partially breastfeeding, one or more breast feeds by replacing other foods.

Breastfeeding Menstruation

If your baby is not breastfeeding, your period will return after about five to eight weeks. In the beginning, irregular periods, so the second period may be longer in coming than before pregnancy. Ovulation may return before menstruation, so be careful with regard to contraception.

Breastfeeding and your period

Breastfeeding delays the first menstruation. It may take several months, but it can also be one year or longer. Sometimes starting menstruation at long intervals. Example, it may be that your second period after two or three months comes through. The duration of the cycle may differ from those for pregnancy.

When menstruation returns back?

It depends on several factors. First, it differs from woman to woman. A second factor is whether you breastfeed or not. The more you breast-feeding, the longer the period altogether. Once you stop breastfeeding, the hormones that stop menstruation in many lesser extent created and will soon be menstruating. Does the end of menstruation breast feeding?

Menstruation does not mean you should stop breastfeeding. Your milk still has great nutrition for your baby, even during the menstruation. The milk can be in your time a bit less, but will return to normal volume after menstruation. The milk could be something else tastes during menstruation. Maybe your baby is just not as good as ever. And your nipples more sensitive, some day. But these are all ailments that simply disappear after a few days.


Since your period is delayed if you are breastfeeding, you have a long time no tampons or towels needed. If half of all Dutch babies breast would get so long that they prevent menstruation from their mothers half year would be postponed, would address approximately one million fewer disposable towels are needed.

As long as you're not bleeding, you have less chance of anemia and related fatigue. Do not lose blood every month. You also have no problem with the emotional stresses and storms that often precede menstruation.

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