How Should A Gal Flirt A Guy???????
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If you are wondering if she likes you, all you need to do is pay close attention to her words, her tone and her actions. A girl will sometimes have subtle ways to flirt with a guy; and it is the guy’s job to notice them. There are some things that a girl will never do unless she likes a guy. If you know what to look for, there will be no question as to whether a girl is just being friendly or if she is intentionally trying to flirt with a guy.

One thing that a girl will do, when she wants to flirt with a guy, has nothing to do with words and more to do with the actions that she shows towards that guy. If a girl likes a guy, she will almost always touch him. This will be done in a casual way, if a guy is not paying attention or if he is nervous, he may not even notice. This touch will say more than words could and this will be the one big sign that a girl is flirting. The method which how girls flirt with touch will happen during a conversation. At some point, she will touch the guy’s arm, leg or hand. This touch will usually happen quickly and she will do this without mentioning it.

Usually, a girl will flirt with a guy by casually putting her hand on his leg, arm or hand for a very brief moment. This can happen when he tells a joke; she will lean over, laugh a bit, stroke his arm and make a comment that he has a great sense of humor. It could also happen when a guy and girl are talking and she touches his arm and then states that she has something of interest to tell him. She will usually not mention that she touched him and she will continue talking as if she did not do this. A guy must take notice of this flirting technique. Once this touch has taken place, a guy should never be shy about flirting back; it is a green light that she has some interest.

Another method to flirt with a guy is to compliment him. Many guys do not realize that this is a method of flirting. Girls love to receive compliments; guys usually do not expect them. Because a girl loves to be told something nice regarding her looks, voice, actions or other, she will often use this approach as a means to show a guy that she likes him. Guys may sometimes not pay attention to compliments, they may simply say thank you and then continue to talk. If a guy likes a girl and she gives a compliment, he would be wise to pay attention. If a girl tells a guy that he looks nice, he is funny or any comment that can be taken as a compliment, this is her flirting. When a girl wants to flirt with a guy, the compliments will come out; this is usually not done with guys that a girl does not like.

When a girl wants to flirt with a guy, she will also talk in a pleasant tone. Whether done consciously or subconsciously, a girl will raise her voice to be more feminine. She will often giggle while she is talking. A guy should also pay attention to what she is doing while she talks. When a girl likes a guy, she will often feel conscious of how she looks. If she touches her hair a lot, adjusts her clothing, changes sitting positions often this can be a clear sign that she is flirting.

A girl who likes a guy and is flirting, will also usually look straight into the eyes of the guy. Girls who are in “deep like” will feel as if the world does not exist, and will only notice the guy that they admire. Smiling, hair twirling, brief touches, compliments: pay attention to these signs and the mystery of how she feels will be solved.

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