How To Backup DVD Movies To PC Folder?
Caty • onIt & Systems 10 years ago • 2 min read

iOrgSoft DVD Copy is an easy and practical DVD movie backup software! It allows you to copy DVD movie to ISO image file or DVD folder. It is the best solution to copy protected DVD to computer, removing the protections easily while exactly same as the original movie.

Step one: Download and run

Download iOrgSoft DVD Copy and run it on your computer.

Step two: Load DVD

There are two methods for loading DVD: from DVD disk and from DVD folder.

Tip one: Load DVD from the disk If you already inserted a DVD in the DVD drive, just click "Select Source" drop-down list, then select the DVD drive.


Tip two: Load DVD from DVD folder If you want to load a DVD movie from your DVD folder which is saved in your computer, you should click “Select Source”, and “select your DVD folder” by the browse button.

Step three: Settings

Click the setting icon to set your copy settings.

Tip: The default butter directory is “C:\Program Files\iOrgSoft\DVD Copy\DVDTemp”, however, you can reset a butter directory before copying. Once copy finishes, the buffer space will be released automatically.


Step four: Specify copy method

Select a DVD copy method to copy your DVD movie: DVD folder or ISO image file.

Step five: Start copy

When all are ready, click "Start Copy" button to start copy.



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