How To Break With His Girlfriend?
Dr. Mital John • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

Your feelings have changed? You no longer feel the same in your relationship? You want to break? Begin by telling you that you do not know how to do it! Yes it is a bit direct, but acknowledges that it's true: you do not know how to break up with your girlfriend. You've probably lived but it did not go very smoothly.

In any case you do not want to spend the bastard service, nor truly desire deep within you to do him harm. Yet that is what will happen. It will hurt. It is sensitive and you have experienced moments together.


You want to avoid that the maximum possible, because the deceiver is also known to go about breaking. A good man leaves his girlfriend head high. You'll break "standing" in front of her and dignified. What should you do then and what are the basic mistakes to avoid?

Breaking with class

• For "good" break up with your girlfriend, you must respect it. Take it right. Take her for a drink. Stapes you, this is not a trivial point that you face or jog comfortably dressed in a lumberjack. She will find you at first class and you show him some respect. • You do not need him a list of criticisms, even if it itches. At the time, a break is never a relief. Do not succumb to the urge to "vent" in its telling truths. • Conversely, as nobody likes to be rejected, remember to end your relationship on a good note, praising his qualities limit.

What is important not to do?

• Do not break through msn or sms: you are no longer a kid and you have cojones. • Avoid violence, verbal or physical. Not worth typing against the walls or be abusive to show that you're a male, she will be more scared than anything else and this is not the intention. • Behave like a gentleman and does not speak of "another." Do not tell him that you met another girl (who is better than she or sexier). His jealousy takes over and you can not tell her anything to calm her. In this situation, all truths are not good to say.

Breaking with firmness

• In contrast be clear, sharp and clear. There is no turning back. You're determined and you do not leave room for confusion or any hope. • Also, it is important to cut all contact after the fact. Feeling only a morning or evening and returning the easy way to remember: not a good idea! • If you've made your decision, turn the page and the sooner the better. • Tell her she has done nothing wrong (always for the household), that your relationship does not suit you or not you miss it when you are alone. These explanations have the merit of being frank and compelling.

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