How To Combat Belly Fat
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It is purely feminine case of only one hundred men to show Belly Fat. In contrast, seven out of eight women and not just those with some extra weight, or greater accumulation of body fat are struggling with the eternal enemy. The struggle is unequal;

Belly Fat reported to the uneven distribution of fat. Specifically, Belly Fats due to selective accumulation of fat and fat cells, swelling just below the skin and is the result of disruption of the adipose tissue due to fluid retention and toxins. The result could be loss of elastic fibers of connective tissue, which causes the skin known as orange peel appearance.

Fat can appear on thighs, buttocks, inside of the arms, stomach, abdomen and legs. Moreover, depending on whether caused by water retention or fat or both, is divided into three types: hard, soft and correlated, respectively.

The main reasons that cause this are: Inheritance Sedentary Impaired blood circulation Hormonal disorders Obesity - poor diet eating foods rich in fat and salt, alcohol, decreased water intake Smoking - Alcohol Constipation

Belly Fat: What to Eat and What Not to Avoid Fat The correct choice of food we consume should be our main concern that we have a nice, firm body, without blemishes, Belly Fat, and relaxation. Given that beauty starts from within, the intake of nutrients through the food we eat is the first and most significant move to address it. In particular, vitamins B6 and folic acid metabolism strengthen and protect the vessels, and vitamin E in combination with vitamin C show strong antioxidant activity and improves skin texture, giving uniform, smooth and firm. In addition, fish oil, which is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids are well known for its beneficial effects on the skin. Finally, increased fiber intake helps to combat body Belly Fat. This is due to the ability of fiber to bind bile salts, which are responsible for the absorption of fat, while passing through the intact gastrointestinal tract and lead to the elimination of one part fat to get from food, resulting in less stored fat.

What to eat: Fruits - green vegetables Plenty of water Juices, green tea Unsalted nuts Fat fish salmon, mackerel, tuna Whole grains Milk, yogurt, low fat Oil Maintenance of normal weight Physical activity

And what not to avoid belly fat: Animal fats - red meat, butter Sugar - Sweet Sedentary Stock change weight Alcohol - Smoking Salt Sauces, cream, full fat Fried Caterer type fast-food

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