How To Cure Candida Yeast Infection And Vaginal Dryness
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A yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of a fungus normally found in the body. The organism Candida alb cans is usually responsible for most infections. It can be caused by a variety of reasons including tight clothing, feminine products, pregnancy, diabetes, and the use of certain medications. Here are some strategies that can help you prevent yeast infections.

Yeast infections (Candida) can be caused by several different things. But no matter the cause it's also one of the most uncomfortable conditions that you can have.


For most of us a yeast infections usually requires a trip to the doctor and or to the pharmacy for some medication that sometimes burns and makes you even more uncomfortable than the yeast infection. This article contains several tips on how to treat a yeast infection at home using natural remedies.

• Eat yogurt. It contains helpful bacteria (live cultures, including acidophilus and bifid us) that destroy yeast. It also works when applied topically. Insert some into the vagina using a finger or plastic tampon applicator. Use only plain yogurt with active cultures. • Take lactobacillus/acidophilus supplements. Use according to the directions on the bottle. • Douche with a solution of 1 to 3 tbsp. vinegar in a quart of water. Repeat once a day while having symptoms, but no longer than a week. • Decrease or eliminate sugar and sugary foods. Sugar promotes yeast growth. • Use a garlic clove as a suppository. Garlic contains a natural anti-fungal agent. Peel a fresh clove, wrap it in gauze and insert it into the vagina. • Try gentian violet. It's a traditional remedy for yeast and other infections, and can be found in pharmacies. Swab the area with it once or twice a day. Make sure to use a thick pad - it stains everything. • Use an herbal douche. Combine equal amounts of sage, raspberry and comfrey with 1/4 part goldenseal. This can be combined with cider vinegar. • Use an over-the-counter yeast infection remedy. Apply as directed.

What is Vaginal Dryness?

Most vaginal lubrication consists of clear fluid that seeps through the walls of the blood vessels encircling the vagina. During sexual arousal, more blood flows to your sexual organs and this creates lubrication by means of vaginal fluid.

Women can experience vaginal dryness, which can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable. Itching and stinging in the vaginal opening and the lower third of the vagina can also accompany vaginal dryness. Causes of Vaginal Dryness

One cause of thinning and inflammation of the vaginal walls is a lack of estrogen. Menopause can affect the estrogen cycle, as can childbirth and breast-feeding. Common cancer therapies or the surgical removal of a woman's ovaries can also affect the production of estrogen, which can contribute to vaginal dryness.

Cigarette smoking can contribute to vaginal dryness in some women. Over-the-counter drugs such as allergy and cold medicines, as well as prescription drugs such as antidepressants can decrease moisture in the body, including the vagina. Certain auto-immune diseases are known to affect moisture in the vagina.

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Yeast Infection


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  • Guest 8 years ago

    Hey i am a doctor and i would like to add up something to your post.

    I can’t tell you how many women come to the clinic thinking it’s over. They’re dried up, they fear, and they’ll never have sex again. I always tell them this story:

    I had an 80-year-old patient who hadn’t had sex since her husband died 20 years earlier. She told me that she had a new boyfriend and, as she put it, they were getting “hot and heavy.” The only problem was that she was getting recurrent urinary tract infections. She asked me if it was wrong at her age to have so much passion. Of course not, I told her, and explained that because she’d gone so long without sex, she had some atrophic changes in her vagina and urethra, which is why she was getting so many urinary tract infections.

    [Vaginal Dryness] (