How To Cure Cystic Acne Naturally
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How to Cure Cystic Acne Naturally

So how do you cure cystic acne naturally? Any time you have a blemish, it appears larger than life to you. You may feel that everyone is staring at it. Even those people who suffer with common acne often feel a degree of low self esteem. However, when the problem becomes more severe, those feelings only tend to escalate.

They may feel both psychological and physical pain. They want quick healing. Cystic acne treatment is not usually quick, but if done properly, it can be quite effective.

The skin condition known as acne happens when oil glands and/or hair follicles become clogged and bacterial matter forms underneath. These pimples can cause a lot of mental anguish, but are usually not painful physically. However, when the condition becomes more severe, self esteem issues worsen, and the lesions can become very painful.

In the cystic form larger areas of skin are typically affected. Healing can take considerably longer. If treatment is not done quickly or is not done correctly, severe skin scarring can and often does occur. It is extremely important to treat this in a timely manner.

In this most severe type of acne, the larger lesions swell filling up with pus. Redness can also be a problem. It is very tempting to squeeze or burst the pimple to release the pus. If this is done, however, the condition can spread and scarring is more likely to occur.

Although probably most often associated with teenagers, anyone of any age can suffer from this. One major cause is thought to be changing hormonal levels. Teens can have varying levels of hormones as can pregnant women. Genetics are also thought to play a big role in deciding who suffers with this. Also, if your skin tends to stay oily, you may be more likely to get this skin condition because of the increase in the chance for the pores to clog and for bacteria to grow.

Some home treatments can help to improve the condition. Always keep the affected areas clean by using a gentle acne cleanser. Do not use harsh soaps or treatments as these may make the condition worse. Eating a healthier diet that includes fruits and vegetables may also help. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin well hydrated. You may want to try over the counter treatments such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid creams or lotions. Many believe that certain herbs and other natural ingredients can be helpful in treating and soothing the skin. Please check out this holistic acne treatment for a natural cure to cystic acne.

Since this is acne at its most severe, you will probably need to consider seeing a trained dermatologist for treatment. He has several options that he can try to help you. He may prescribe antibiotics to decrease the amount of infection. He could, in some cases, suggest a treatment of oral contraceptives to try to balance the hormone levels. He also has some injections that have helped in some cases, or he may even suggest the more extreme treatment of a surgical drainage. Discuss your case fully and make sure you understand all of your options before you begin any medical treatments.

Although cystic acne treatment can at times be frustrating for the sufferer, rest assured that treatments are available. You and your doctor may have to experiment, or combine some treatments. However, with time and patience, you should soon have clearer skin and feel much better about yourself.

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