How To Cure Sleeplessness With Natural Herbal Remedies
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Sleeplessness or insomnia is a common and frustrating disorder seen in many people these days. Hectic and competitive life has involved people in rat race, and has robbed people of the peace of mind, resulting in problems like sleeplessness. Sleeplessness is a condition characterized by a person's inability to sleep peacefully and perfectly in an uninterrupted manner for at least 7 hours.

It may start with reduction in sleep hours to complete loss of sleep. Sleeplessness is usually associated with restlessness, and the more a person panics for being unable to sleep, the more the problem worsens.

A person suffering from sleeplessness finds it difficult to face night and while staying awake, feels that time is passing very slowly. The problem is pathetic if one has to stay awake amidst sleepers. The more we sleep, the more our body stores energy for a renewed cycle of activity. When our brain works overtime, it consumes our blood sugar, leaving us fatigued.

Therefore a person, who does a lot of brain work, is likely to fall asleep easily. Sleeplessness is indicative of some trouble in one’s mind or body. Sleeplessness may lead to dullness, lack of concentration, impaired memory, violent behavior, suicidal tendencies, psychological impairment, over all health breakdown, giddiness and tiredness.

Factors Causing Sleeplessness

  1. Aging
  2. Over-excitement
  3. Over-anxiety
  4. Depression and emotional stress
  5. The habit of keeping stress bottled up, and in that way, being a silent sufferer.
  6. Frequent urge for quenching thirst and urination
  7. Sexual dissatisfaction
  8. Over-work or extended work schedule
  9. Nightmares, fear or any kind of psychological phobia.
  10. Excess intake of coffee or tea
  11. Taking heavy meal before bed time
  12. Faulty sleeping habits
  13. Sleeping during day time
  14. Taking drugs and smoking habits
  15. Hypertension
  16. Wheezing
  17. Muscle cramps
  18. Painful, chronic diseases
  19. Nervous disorders, circulatory disorders and breathing difficulty or respiratory disorders.

Proven Herbs to Cure Sleeplessness

  1. Chamomile has stood the test of time as a proven sedative herb. Chamomile tea may be taken. Chamomile oil may be used in bath water or as a massage oil to soothe the over-wrought nerves. It may also be used as a relaxing inhalant.

  2. Hop is an herb that works as a sedative to cure anxiety or stress-based insomnia. It also heals nerve weakness. Hop pillows are often used to treat sleeplessness.

  3. Lavender strengthens the nervous system. One may take bath before going to bed by adding few drops of lavender essential oil to bath water. Lavender oil may also be used as massage oil or simply inhaled to get relief from sleeplessness.

  4. Passion flower is an excellent sedative to cure sleeplessness caused due to nervous exhaustion or mental stress.

  5. Valerian calms nervousness and restlessness and promotes sleep.

  6. Wild lettuce functions as a sedative and nervine, calming restlessness and thus treating sleeplessness.

  7. California poppy has anti-anxiety properties and is an effective sleep promoting herb. It improves the quality of sleep.

  8. The herb kava kava is usually used as a drink. It relaxes both mind and body.

  9. St John's Wort cures brain chemistry imbalances and chronic sleeplessness.

  10. A mixture of linden flowers and hawthorn flowers may be used as a calming tea.

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