How To Cure Spermatorrhea And Sperm
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The suggestions we have to offer here are rendered almost needless by what we have said of its causes. Many of them all of them, indeed, except the inherited tendency are within the power of the person to avoid, if he only knows enough to begin in time.

The instructions we have before given in detail about the general hygiene of the passions will apply to those who are in danger by flaw in result of excesses, either social or solitary. "When the water or adjacent irritations are to blame, these can promptly be remedied by any intelligent physician; and when the habits of food or drink are injurious they must be amended.

Spermatorrhea Cause: -

• Stimulation of environmental impact • Indulgence masturbation • Psychological factors • Fatigue • Physical factors • Inflammatory stimulation

Spermatorrhea Symptoms: -

Although the symptoms of true spermatorrhoea vary according to the general condition, disposition and age of the patient, yet the general course is somewhat as follows: Among the earlier symptom which indicate that the pollutions are flattering more frequent than is compatible with perfect health, are pain in the small of the back, pain in the head, a sense of fatigue and incapability for exertion, and a certain incapacity for mental effort.

As the emissions increase in frequency, the patient observe a diminished capacity for sexual pleasure; the general symptom are made worse, and include dizziness, weakness of sight, trembling in the limbs, a sense of weight in the chest, tremor of the heart, and signs of dyspepsia. After a time he begins to have emissions by day also, and he now usually becomes the prey of despondency.

Fruit for Spermatorrhea: -

• Pineapple - Meals maybe 3 times a week. • Avocado - Tea leaves of avocado (20 g to 1 liter of water) • Plum - Leave 150 g of prunes soaked for 8 hours and then add the juice of 1 lemon. Take the water plums in the morning and eat the plums. • Lemon - Tea leaves of lemon (20 g for 1 liter water), Take 4 cups a day. • Passion caiman - Tea leaves of passion fruit (20 g to 1 liter of water) • Melon exclusive fruit 3 times a week.

Other Tips for Spermatorrhea: -

• Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol • Practice yoga and meditation to be stress free • Try to exercise regularly • Try to maintain a three day gap between two consecutive ejaculations to remain fertile • Avoid bitter, spicy and acidic foods • Avoid tight underpants to provide an ambient climate for the testicles • Have a good massage therapy with herbal oils to improve blood circulation • Loose excess weight • Have a healthy diet containing whole grains and vegetables rich in proteins and vitamins • Sperm levels are at the uppermost in the morning and afternoon making it the best time for love making.

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