How To Deal With A Summer Depression
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The medical world is not entirely agreed on how the combination of combination of anxiety and depression should be treated. Some scientists have investigated which of the two disorders, and their first major problems trying to solve. Others try to combination of simultaneously treating anxiety and depression. A windfall is that many treatments can be useful in the fight against both.

It should be noted that there is a real twilight zone between what we as a cataloging and depression leading to other diseases is considered. These disorders are not always the same medicine taken seriously. There are quite a few doctors who doubt or diseases such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and so no better short and well under the term 'depression' would move to.


However, physical problems, often indeed the result of a depression. Depression can namely profound changes in the body cause physical effects which inevitably will get. Often dismissed complaints of such nature as the problem is situated in the head. “That is certainly not always the case.

Generally there are five ways the combination of anxiety and depression with a reasonable chance of successfully treated. These different approaches can be used in varying proportions. Here are the five different methods of anxiety combined with depression treatment.

• Antidepressants. Despite the name, these drugs not only used to fight depression. Practice shows that many drugs to combat depression are also effective in fighting angstaanvalen and vice versa. It is important to find the right medication. Some antidepressants activate the body and are therefore the symptoms associated with anxiety increase. If a particular medication is not the proper effect, it is important to switch to another. • Therapy. Different ways of talking therapy can help, but the best way to combat both anxiety and depression, the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT based on the English name). In summary, this therapy the patient's vision to help change the world. • Fear fighters. Some antidepressants can help combat both disorders, but it may take a while before they operate. Pending the patient to combat anxiety and depression are taking other medications such as benzodiazepines (eg Ativan or Xanax). Not all doctors are reluctant to prescribe these drugs, because they can work addiction or abuse may result. • Other medications. Depending on how a person responds to a drug, might be considered to switch to another. Some people with anxiety and depression simultaneously benefit from drugs that mood flattening. Alternatively, patients with anxiety symptoms, sleeping pill the necessary rest. • A change of lifestyle - A healthy and balanced lifestyle can help solve many problems. Eat healthy and get enough sleep that is the advice many doctors give patients who suffer from anxiety and depression. Rely too much (or even better not) on alcohol and illegal drugs and get enough exercise. This advice also holds true in general.

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