How To Detoxify Your Body With Herbs
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Cleanse your body has become increasingly popular with celebrities, and the average Jane and Joe as well. We as a physical quantity of toxins in our bodies every day, and we can make many unnatural without them knowing it.

These toxins are in our food, air, water, and even with the work and activities we do. However, there is a way to control them, through the use of natural supplements.

Two organs of our body acting as natural filtration systems are the kidneys and liver. Although the kidneys and liver goes a long way towards filtering out impurities from the body, we must help to detoxify your body to get rid of all the toxins in our body take.


If some methods of detoxification of the body can be rather extreme, there are other more benign ways to eliminate toxins from the body, such as using herbal body detox as part of our diet. Of course, if your body is so full of toxins that should be more detailed, you can always cleanse your body of toxins by fasting or by eating certain spirit juice, such as prune juice.

Even if your immune system is strong does not mean that they need to help her. The more you help your system to eliminate toxins from your body faster and healthier your body will become.

Symptoms - signs emergency detoxification

• Fatigue, tiredness, lack of enthusiasm • Constipation, flatulence bloating, heartburn • Bad breath, food intolerance • Indigestion, loss of appetite, slowing the digestive process • Obesity • Poor skin, acne, dry • Restless sleep • Everethismos, muscle aches


There are some very effective natural treatments for detoxification. Ayurveda recommends:

• Skin and (Skin and Lymph): Make every day massage yourself with 100-150 ml of lukewarm Organic sesame oil (organic sesame oil). Allow your body to act 10 minutes. Rinse with a warm bath or shower. This process will clean the surface of your skin and toxins away, and pushed the lymph return to the heart, the toxins will be removed by the liver and kidneys. • Guts: Take one dose of Triphala Plus every night. This blends of seven herbs known for their capacity to detoxify properly and nourishes the blood and guts. Take 3 capsules or 75 drops of tincture in a glass of warm water every night. • Liver: The liver is burdened by the contaminated environment, nutrient-poor diet and stress. Use Guduchi and Neem. Formula for the optimal arrangement in the bile, liver protection and regeneration of cells. • Neem & Sarsaparilla Formula Aloe and Aloe Vera Vera juice . • Have a wonderful Detox Aniseed & Fennel tea (detoxifying tea with anise and fennel) to remove toxins from the kidneys, skin, blood and digestive system.

Food Suggestions

Follow a simple diet free of processed foods, sugar, wheat, dairy products and hydrogenated fats.

Try the following recipe. It is highly digestible, and detoxifies the digestive system, blood and skin:

• 1 / 3 cup mung dal kind used in Indian cuisine), 2 / 3 basmati rice (or other grains) in 3-4 cups boiling water (ratio 1:3 or 1:4). Add ¼ tablespoon organic, ginger, cumin and coriander. Also add seasonal vegetables: spinach, peas, seaweed, mushrooms for a healing, healthy, palatable meals and heating. Cook over low heat, covered and do not stir after adding the vegetables. • Along with dinner drink plenty of warm drinks. Try spicy ginger tea, cinnamon and cardamom to clean toxins and relax your stomach. • Drink plenty of hot water during detoxification. The hot water is an excellent detoxifier. As the warm water remove grease from dirty dishes so clean and the inside of the body.

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