How To Develop The Usability Of Homepage Design
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Homepage of the website plays a significant role in the success of the website. It is considered as the face of your online presence. There is no doubt that homepage creates the first impression on visitors of the website and plays an important role in reflecting the impressive image about the company and its business.

You must be aware of the fact that almost all the websites open with their home page. So, web design of the homepage must be done in such a way that visitors get lured to browse further after landing on the home page of your website. Hence, you need to take adequate actions to develop the usability of the home page design. Here are some important tips which can help you to enhance the usability of the web design of homepage.

1) Catchy Tagline Frame a tagline for the homepage that reflects the complete image of your company and business. When visitors come to your website, they should understand about the company and business just by reading the tagline. In fact, by framing the catchy as well as simple tagline, you allow the visitor to get attracted on the home page.

2) Meaningful Title Tag The title tag of your homepage includes the company name and a brief description of the website. It is advised not to use the word 'Welcome' or 'The' because they just crowds the space and has no value addition. Instead, try to include relevant keywords in the title tags.

3) Corporate Information It is very important to have good corporate information on the website. So, it is better to create an ‘About Us’ page on the website that must be dedicated towards informing visitors all about the company and business. Also provide a link to it from the homepage.

4) Key Tasks of the Website The key task that must be performed by the homepage of your website is to direct visitors in finding a browsing route. A good home page design is one, which contains easy navigation so that visitors could easily browse all the pages of website.

5) Search Box The search box is an unavoidable aspect of any website. Search box allows visitors to search for the accurate information. Visitor finds it very easy to get the required information just by entering a query instead of browsing through categories. Make sure your search box must accommodate at least 25 characters in order to access multiple queries.

6) Design Elements The homepage of a website is considered as the welcome page for visitors, but that does not mean that you can overcrowd the web page with worthless design elements and flash animations that provide no value but only increase the size of file.

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    Fantastic post! Lots of good links here…i’m especially chuffed to see the web design extensions. Thanks so much!