How To Eliminate Acne Pimple
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Pimples are these uncomfortable and small sometimes not so much that we leave bumps on the skin. Sucks, we all know. And is that also are quite uncomfortable to watch inconvenient. Who has not passed him that to get an appointment that day and just have a fucking pimple on the tip of the nose? Horror! As you know there are many skin care products and treatments against the beans but today we will focus on healthy habits that prevent their occurrence.

  • Sleep: You'll be tired or hearing the same thing but is that true! Sleep is great in general and also for pimple. A busy life, with stress and nerves leading to secrete more male hormones that increase sebum production, the fat that makes the uncomfortable born granites. Solution: your 8 hours sleep a day and join relaxation techniques.
  • Hair Cosmetics: all those products you use such as hair gel, mousse, spray and are counterproductive. Avoid giving the surface of the scalp as they are very fatty substances that clog pores. Solution: avoid contact with these products with the face.

  • Alcohol: stimulates the sebaceous glands, responsible for direct enemies, the grains. Solution: avoid drinking alcohol or drinking only occasionally.

  • Pillow: a nest of dirt as the fabric absorbs makeup, oil, etc. and contaminates the skin of your face. Solution: replace the case every two days.


Vitamins are very important to the skin and for this reason that many cosmetics contain them but you must know that for our body to make the most of the vitamins it is best to eat them.

Surely you are wondering what vitamins can help you most and which foods we can find. Well here's the answer:

Vitamin A: Helps maintain the skin elastic and hydrated. This vitamin is found for example in milk, fish, carrots, pumpkin, mango, spinach and cantaloupe.

Vitamin B: Helps the skin appear pink and healthy. Can be found in milk, whole grains and various fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C: Provides firm the skin. Can be found in citrus fruits, spinach, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, romaine lettuce, cabbage, papayas, tomatoes and pineapples.

Vitamin E: Helps cell formation and protects skin from ultraviolet rays. We found for example in the nuts.

Vitamin K: revitalizes skin and improves the appearance of dark circles. It is found in green leafy vegetables, mustard, milk, liver and pork.

MAKEUP ORIENTAL: We will establish step by step process to become an oriental beauty in a simple way. First, apply anti dark circles there should be no trace of shadow on the eyes and then apply makeup base whose color must be in harmony with the skin tone of our neck to make it natural. The next step is to look into the eyes. To achieve proper intensity will have to shape your eyebrows correctly.

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