How To Get Any Girl
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First of all, I must tell you straight from the beginning, no matter who you are, even though you are the most handsome superstar in this world, there is no way you can get any girl that you want. Now you might be disappointed, but also I will tell you, there are few things that you can do to increase your probability, from every 10 girls that you approach, you can have 7 girls like you. That’s awesomely good statistic compared with 90% male population in this world.

The first thing that you need to work on is your confidence, the idea of being comfortable around girls of your type. If you are not comfortable around girls then there is no way any girl can like you. You need to be comfortable first around girl, before she can feel comfortable and like you back.

How to be comfortable around girls of your dream?

You are comfortable with something if you have a sense of familiarity. Let’s take an example of your location, when you come home from working and take a walk around your neighborhood, you would feel safe and comfortable, because you already familiar with the situation around your neighborhood.

But what if you move to another area, and that’s the first time you take a walk around the neighborhood? You might feel threatened and uncomfortable.

The same principle can be applied with girl. You should try to make a friend with five or ten girls. Not just random girl, but the girl of your type. Then start hang out out with them, start talking regularly with them.

When you already comfortable, it is more easy to get the girl of your type. You already comfortable talking with her, touching her and hang out with her.

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