How To Get Motivated To Lose Fat
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A majority of athletes as you choose to practice regular fitness to lose excess weight they have accumulated over the years and is a tribute to you. Sport, played at moderate intensity, you will not only lose the excess fat from your body but also enjoy significant benefits for your health as a surplus of energy, greater well being, more flexible joints and improved physical endurance.

You have often touted the benefits of a particular protein-based diet, pineapple fiber or more. One thing is certain, an effective weight loss and permanent can not occur without physical exertion increased. The calories you eat daily will a part in your basal metabolic rate (body care, delivery of sugar to the heart and nervous system) and other hand, your daily energy expenditure. At this level you have to play it and gradually increase this expenditure to produce a natural fat loss and gradual.


The fat is created by the body from excess carbohydrates and lipids (The proteins are not stored; the excess proteins are removed by natural means).

The body constantly creates reserves (its function is to preserve that inspires them to do so), whatever the diet, the body will always reserve as fat (particularly for women, whose metabolism anticipates a possible pregnancy), but when the surplus of carbohydrates and lipids are too large and not used by the body fat begins to invade your body and fat masses cause overweight. It is estimated that 1 kg of mass fat between 8000 and 11000 kcal. This means that it takes 10 to 000 kcal "spend" (or burn) 1 kilo of fat stored.

On the loss of fat, half (500 grams) correspond to a decrease in the thickness of his skin.

The other half will be spread throughout his body fat.

The time may seem long to lose 1 kg of fat, but do not forget it took you years to accumulate that excess weight and it takes time to make it go away ... It is easier to gain weight than to lose!

  • Your opponent: Your body fat stored judge necessary for its operation. So, when trying to weight loss, it looked like your action aggression and will try by every means the preservation of this body fat. In short, it is against your own body as you fight!
  • Time: the organism as a serious situation down his calorie intake, an adjustment period is necessary before the process of fat loss will not boot.
  • Your body will need to be reassured and given confidence: first be sure that this situation is not timely. For this reason, a questioning of your diet over the long term plan is preferable to a one-time and limited in time.
  • Balance: Reduced Calorie must always keep a breakdown Fat / carbohydrates / proteins correct, otherwise the imbalance between these elements will ruin your efforts to lose weight. The body compensates with the resources always available and always to the benefit of fat!
  • Target: When you lose weight, the body will first draw the fat layer of skin (dermis), before "type" in the important storage areas (stomach, hips, buttocks, etc.).
  • Diets: Most plans allow you to lose weight by losing water and muscle (which is very dangerous for your health). Spectacular on the scale, but ineffective for fat resident. In the following pages, we are talking about actual loss of body fat.

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