How To Get Over A Broken Heart
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

Falling in love is very easy as it happens just like that as cupid waves his wand and throws you into a deep bondage with someone whom you think is your soul mate for life. After some time this soul mate might bring your romantic dreams down and tear your heart apart by walking out without any good reason. How to face this grave relationship breakup? How can anyone patch up? >how to get over a broken heart ?

Regular and constant personal effort is needed to put up with a break up which has given you more pain and misery than anything else. Facts are hard to face and you seem to be pushed into a deep abyss where you see no hope in life for a happy ending. Everything around you sucks and you just want to isolate and get lost for good. Everything reminds you of your lover and there seems to be no place in this world where you can just go and forget about everything just like that.

Tackling or getting over a broken heart can be done in stages as it is not going to be a one day feat. It might take months to even relies she is gone or good or he is no more in your life. So allow you heart to heal slowly while you support it emotionally and mentally with a brave and courageous heart. Always try to share your feelings with someone who you trust and who has a heart to listen to you patiently. If someone can talk positively and give you good mental support then it is very easy to get over all negative feelings.

Try to analyze how your life suffers because of some baseless thoughts still lingering in your heart about someone who never cared about you. Don’t self crucify yourself for a wrong person who never understood you nor made you happy? Eat well and get into positive activities which will give you a happiness and relaxation. Don’t feel ashamed to cry and it is the best way to vent your feelings out fast. If you feel like crying then cry and if you feel like punching punch a pillow thinking that is your ex.

Erase all thoughts of communicating and destroy everything that reminds you of him or her. Some people hoard these reminders for life and push themselves into a deep misery by seeing it all life long. Do something fruitful in life like doing some community work or helping a senior citizen etc. you will be amazed how much these people need you and want your love. Try to learn something new or enroll in a music or dance program. Make yourself busy at all times and try to find more productive things to do than just fret and fume over a relationship which didn’t last.

You can get over a broken heart, gradually you will heal and finally even laugh at the great fuzz you made to get over it. Listen to self improvement programs, register with a support group or just find peace in some religious activities it can definitely patch your heart and make it stronger than before.


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