How To Get Over A Broken Heart: 3 Things You Need To Remember
Chris • onMating & Dating 8 years ago • 3 min read

Have you recently being dumped? You are still not able to know How to get over a broken heart ? Do you feel like there’s nothing left for you in this world now that your ex has left you? If you feel like you won’t be a whole person anymore, then it’s important that you read this.

Do you have a difficult time getting past your break up? You don't think that the world would keep moving forward and needed to know what you could do. Well, it’s true…a breakup can indeed put your world into a tailspin. Everything can seem out of control. Your job, your schooling, your family and your friends may all seem out of reach to you. However, even during this difficult time you can keep your senses straight as long as you remember these three things.

First, remind yourself everyday that life does go on and you have to stay a part of it. That means do the things you would normally do. Go to school, go to work, hang out with friends…do things that seem normal so you can get over the loss and heal your broken heart faster.

Second, figure out what you want in life. Would you like to get your ex back or would you rather move on and see if there is someone out there who is a much better match for you? It’s important that this gets figured out.

If you have chosen to move on with your life without your ex, then just remember that sitting on the couch eating bon-bons, dreaming about what once was, is not going to help you get over losing your ex or get past a broken heart.

Third, if you feel the need to, change your look. I have a good friend who said when she divorced her husband; she needed to cut off her hair. She felt as if it were a reminder of the past she didn’t want to go back to. She not only cut 10 inches off but she also colored it black. She said it was something else he did not approve of. While you don’t have to justify your change of looks, you certainly can feel better about yourself doing it.

Remember that it can be difficult to remain in control of your senses when you have been dumped. However, now you need [to get over a broken heart] ( and move forward with your future positively. You have a choice to make and the time is NOW.

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  • Natasha 7 years ago

    She cut off ten inches of her hair! I think that's a little extreme, not to mention her intention produces a much different effect then what this article is claiming. She colored her hair black because her ex didn't like it?! Umm, I think she should make a change IF SHE wants to change it, not out to spite an ex. If anything, this just shows continued dependence over someone else's opinion of you. People do deal with these things differently though, so I'm not one to talk. When my husband of fourteen years and I divorced two years ago, I didn't shed one tear (well maybe one...) but I got right back out there and decided I only have one life and I want to live it! I immediately made a profile on one of those dating services and next thing you know, I met my current boyfriend Tom! We're still together. The point being, I didn't dote on the past nor did I make some ridiculous change to anger my ex...I simply moved on. You should too.