How To Get Over A Guy And Set Yourself Free
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Breaking up with an over powering and possessive boyfriend might be a great belief but then hard feelings never die easily. Deep in your heart you might have the conviction that breaking up was the best thing possible decision as it has set you free from bondage. However if you still hang around with him in your heart and find it hard how to get over a guy or pass on just read through and find out how you can drop your feelings for him and set yourself free.

Never try to call your ex and try to set things right or try to get an explanation about the breakup. Its over and so its time you deleted his contact information, email id and every possible communication details before deleting him fully from your mind. This is a very important step if you truly want to move on leaving your ex behind for good.

Many times you might be tempted to call him or give him a wrong call just to listen to his voice or to show him how much you need him. This is sheer foolishness when you feel the relationship has no meaning and a source of great bondage and pain.

Now that you have deleted all visible contact information the next step is to throw away all possible reminders from your house, closet or purse. Gifts, photographs, letters, emails, greeting cards, etc which reminds you of him must get out of sight and don’t think it is easy. You have developed a deep emotional connection with the things he offered and now it will tear you apart when you try to throw them away. So it is best to get over him . Call a friend to help you with this next greatest thing towards liberation from an undeserving ex.

Now that all contact information and reminders are all washed off it is time to deeply evaluate your boyfriend’s negative qualities which disturbed you. Make a list of all the negative behavior which did drive you crazy. It will be difficult to put in paper each and every quality in a day.

So whenever you remember enter it in the journal and whenever you feel like contacting him or bonding with him just read through the journal and you will be amazed to see how much he had been manipulating you and over powering you by emotionally abusing you at every point. Keep the list handy in your purse or even stick it out in your bedroom. Every time you pass by it will remind you of the wrong guy in your life who made a good move in leaving you alone.

Life is full of possibilities don’t just stick to a guy who never thought of you any better than a mean weakling. Make the right decision and learn how to get over your ex boyfriend, stop idolizing him or giving the attention that he never deserved. Sit back, look forward and keep going and look out for a more understanding and efficient friend, who can make you happy and make the relationship work.

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