How To Get Over A Guy: Coping Up With A Broken Relationship
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

Your relationship ends and your ex walk’s off leaving you feeling hurt and miserable. Rather than trying to find a way out, you try to find a way into your ex’s mind again. Even if you are convinced that it is over you try and try to get over a guy after breakup. Why should you do that?

Can anyone forget someone just like that? Is it necessary to completely wipe out all your ex’s thoughts before starting a new relationship? There are some very important reasons as to why you should learn how to get over someone or at least keep him off your mind. Some of them are:

(1) Get over ex to make best use of your time

(2) Save your energy level as you lose a lot of energy thinking about your ex

(3) You lose your self esteem when you try to get him back again or by thinking about him all the time

(4) Your health suffers and there are all possibilities that you might become sick physically and mentally

Thinking about the past your mind refuses to live in the present or even think about your future. Trying to forget an ex is like climbing a huge hill alone. It is an uphill task where only positive attitude can help. When you keep thinking about your ex you are pulled down to negativity and thus your overall progress in life suffers. You lose your productivity, creative thinking and in most cases even your jobs just thinking about your ex, or trying how to get over an ex.

Try to be confident and don’t lose your self esteem for someone who has hurt you and has demeaned you. Moreover it is good to have a balanced and peaceful mind before starting or even looking out for a new relationship. When you are troubled there is every possibility that will end up in similar failed relationships as before. Thus forget your ex and stay cool and always remember that there are greener pastures in this world and the world is always a best place where many best people exist to be explored and loved.

Many would have heard about the empty cup wisdom talked about in Zen stories. When a cup is filled to its brim you cannot pour anymore liquid as whatever you add will only go to waste. But if the cup is empty it can be filled up with the best drink. Thus keeping your empty cup to be filled up with fresh love and kindness is what you should strive for. Don’t fill up your mind with thoughts about your ex. Learn How to get over your ex and empty your minds and be ready to be filled with the best nectar very soon.


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