How To Get Over An Ex From Your Mind And Soul
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

Why would everyone want to get back to their ex? Is it because of lack of self confidence or is it to reduce the pain caused by such a relationship? Whatever be the reason getting over an ex is not easy. It is painful, disgusting and most of all the whole issue sucks.

What is the magic formula which can be used for how to get over an ex? Is there any easy way to just wipe out the person from one’s mind? Can anyone bring back your lost love or show you an entry to your lost kingdom in your ex.’s heart and soul? There is no magic formula and nobody has any magic wand to get you through into your ex’s heart for good. Take note that all the ways and means advised and discussed are only theoretical and not practical solutions. 3 most common myths which in all ways are false are:

(1) It is easy to get back your ex

(2) Your ex is your soul mate

(3) There is no one as loving and good as your ex

To convince your ex after a breakup is not easy as that person has already made a decision about you. However hard you might try he will only try to compromise but then the relationship will be very volatile and it might break any moment. First impression is always the best impression and when a relationship breaks a shift in that impression about you takes place and however hard you try to change the shift cant be undone. So it is best to just drop the person off your mind and try to understand and accept the fact that it is over.

Many people are carried away or so obsessed by fancy words like soul mates, ‘made for each other’, etc. so when the relationship comes down they feel so lost and are not ready to shift their mindset from the soul mate theory. They still feel that their ex is their one and only soul mate whom they are destined to stay with.

But your ex has already proved he has no soul for you and so what’s the point in holding on to fancy ideas and words. After leaving a hole in your soul how can anyone be a soul mate. Just drop all fantasies and start thinking practically by first getting over an ex.

Some people are very much haunted by their ex that they refuse to bring in or for that matter take out their ex from their mind. They don’t want to compare or contrast their ex’s conduct. He or she is the only one and the very best. Remember that no one is perfect including your ex.

How can you expect your ex to behave normally like before after all the break up and fights? The crack in the relationship is permanent and even if you get together it is only going to be a temporary get together. So accept your ex’s decision and start working on getting over an ex rather than wait for the guardian angel to come and patch you up with your ex.


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