How To Get Over An Ex: Start A New Life Ahead
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

‘It’s over’ two little words are what were needed to end your relationship with your sweetie. There is no easy way how you can do to get over an ex. Your world collapses and you are under great pressure to even beg her to come back to you as ever. You would do anything and everything at this situation to make things work as before and at any cost want to get her back.

The comfort zone is lost and you can’t even see sunlight peeping in to make things better. There is no hope and all that can be done is to forget her, which in all way looks like the end of the world for you. What can be done at this point? Is there a magic moment to make this happen and is it possible to forget someone who was life and soul all these days.

Here is the blue print which can help you not only forget and getting over an ex but also how to start a whole new life ahead in no time.

Stop Idolizing Her

Stop idolizing her by making great fuzz over her things and by gazing at her picture non stop. She deserves no such special attention and stop attending her calls or expecting a come back by running to the door every time it rings. Don’t crucify yourself for someone who wasn’t worth your kind attention and love.

Finish it Once and For All

Try to get a final closure from her and allow her to make the statement that she didn’t really love or find some excuse to justify her stand. Listening or encountering such a truth will give you more strength to face the reality and reconcile with the fact that she is no more in your life. You need to get over your ex girlfriend. Therapists are of opinion that closures are very powerful healers and people start accepting facts after that.

Stop All Communication

When you see that it is over don’t try to get into her good books through mails, drunken calls, songs dedication on TV and radio, gifts flowers etc. confront the fact that she will never be there for you and even if she changes her mind after all your begging and crying it is only going to be a temporary reprieve. Be very strong and make her realize and understand that you can pass her on as much as she did to you.

Write Your Way Out

Try to pour out whatever comes to your mind in a letter and try to address every issue that cropped up in your mind and whatever you wanted to tell her and make her understand. Just write the letter and dispose it but don’t definitely mail her a copy as it will be looked upon as very silly and meaningless attempt and you might be even mocked at. Just like the letter burns or tears apart your grief will definite dissolve.

To get over an ex, you should try to avoid all kinds of incidents which will remind you of your ex. Keep cool always think that you are the best person who deserves a much better partner than the one you just lost.


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