How To Get Rid Of Brown Spot Faster
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Before more invasive procedures are recommended, this at home regimen is usually ordered first. The combination of products below will exfoliate and give your skin glowing results. These products speed up the skin cycle and decrease melanin production. When the new skin cells appear, they are no longer discolored.

Even if it's been years since you've sat out in the sun, they can pop up at any time. Luckily, there's still some time before summer to get your legs in better shape. Here are some treatments I use for these spots in my office:

If the spots are scaly or bumpy, I might use a liquid nitrogen spray to freeze them. It takes seconds to treat each spot; immediately afterward, the spot stings and itches, then turns into a welt, like a mosquito bite. The welt goes away in a day or two, and the spot turns into a dark scab that can take a week or two to fall off. After that, the skin is pink or red, but it fades in a few weeks.

How to Get Rid of Skin Spots: -

• Lemons are cheap whether you purchase them from the grocery store or farmers market and free when picked from your garden. Rinse or wash your lemon to remove any residues left behind from chemicals or bugs. Dry with a paper towel to reduce any lint that may be left behind from a cloth towel. • Brown spots are very common due to sun exposure but its cure is very easy. Use some good sun block of sp above 25 at least 20 minutes before you go in sun. • Try a home remedy. Aloe Vera, apple cider vinegar, buttermilk, castor oil, dandelion sap and lemon juice are some popular home remedies used to remove skin spots. Apply to the spots once or twice a day. If you use lemon juice, wait until it dries before going into the sun. • Mix honey and lemon juice in equal ratio and apply it on your face. Don't go to sun for at least 15 minutes after application. You can use it on daily basis. You can use it at the night time as well before going to bed. You can wash it after 15 to 20 minutes. • Mix half teaspoon turmeric powder in 1 tablespoon of yogurt and apply it on face for at least twice a week. You will get rid of these spots in couple of months. Wash it when it gets dry.

Drink lots of water.

• I hate spots so much i have tried savlon hot water and cold water and toothpaste and still nothing seems to be working I am really upset because i get bullied because of them. • All of these do collectively work however eventually your spots may become immune to all these methods. Now i suffered from acne at one point, and the only true ay to stop spots before they scar, is to prescribe a drug known as 'Roaccutane'. This really does work, but can lead to side effects. I went on it for 6 months and experienced absolutely no side effects, apart from the occasional nose bleed due to dryness of my nose.3

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