How To Get Rid Of Depression And Stress
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If you have a tendency to feel down, and it seems to cause some strong negative thoughts, you may want to see your doctor about being diagnosed with depression. If you just had a baby or your wife had a baby, you could be suffering from post-partum depression.

Or if you lost your job or moved to a new town, depression might make you feel frequent sadness. Tell your doctor about this. Also, if you're feeling sad without any reason at all, this is something that your doctor needs to know about, too. Once you have been diagnosed with depression, here is what you need to do.


  1. Check out what your symptoms are: -Being sad is a form of depression, but some are much more severe than others. Anger, fear, loss in interest, guilt, anti-social, anxiety, panic attacks, and substance abuse are all serious symptoms of depression.

  2. Go get some professional help: -If you have a serve case of depression. See a psychiatrist. See one even if you just have a modern case of it, actually. These people are professionals and will give you the help you need. They'll probably put you on an antidepressant like Prozac. Ask your psychiatrist, don't self medicate.

  3. Try not to feel so embarrassed: -Don't be ashamed to get the proper help. Be strong and don't be afraid. This is probably the most difficult part of depression, is being afraid to go and get the help. If you're to a point that you feel all alone, scared, and can't do anything. PLEASE seek a professional right away.

  4. Make yourself feel good by working out: -Seriously, this is a great way to feel good physically and then give you a sense of pride mentally. Is there any better way to feel good, when you've achieved something? Make a goal to lose 8 pounds, or run a few miles. Feel the self accomplishment in achieving something.

  5. Make sure you're not over doing it: -Take a break. Don't press yourself. Stress can be a leading cause in depression, take baby steps when working on something. Don't rush things. Take it slow, be patient. Think things through. Go on a vacation, and take a break if needed. Give yourself a peace of mind.

  6. Make yourself laugh: -Learn to laugh. Don't take everything in life so seriously. Learn to laugh more, and maybe change the movies or TV shows you watch. Maybe watching things that are sad, depressing itself, effects your mood. Watch some off the wall, comedies. Expose that inner child in yourself. You'll feel good doing this!

  7. Go do new things: -Sometimes your mind needs something new. Maybe you need a change in life, and your conscience is screaming that at you. Learn to play the guitar, or experience things you've never experienced before. Open up your mind, and try something completely different. This is good for you, it teaches you more about yourself.

  8. Start to listen to more music: -Music is great for your mind. Listen to music that inspires you, that encourages you. Listen to what you can relate to. Bring a lot of music in your life.

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