How To Get Rid Of Stress With Ayurveda, Exercise And Home Remedies
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Stress can become overwhelming when it is not managed properly. Stress can cause problems with relationships of all kinds. We are all confronted with stress on a daily basis. It is how these things are interpreted and how we manage our stress that determines how much stress our minds and bodies endure. You can reduce your overall stress with these steps.

Each of us has experienced stress in our lives, which can be brought about by so many reasons: financial concerns, family problems, work pressure, and so on. Stress can also be brought about by environmental factors, such as not receiving sufficient natural light and air, chemicals from food, and the intake of stimulants, including caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol.


According to Ayurveda, stress is a state where the mind is imbalanced. The mind is considered to be balanced when it is not agitated, and is firm and stable. When the mind is in a stable state, the individual has the maximum potential to act or behave in ways that continue to keep the mind in a balanced state.

More specifically, the mind has three states or "gunas". They are "sattva" (knowledge, purity), "rajas" (action, passion) and "tamas" (inertia, ignorance). Mental disorders or imbalances are caused when "sattva" decreases and "rajas" and "tamas" increase. As "sattva" decreases, mental strength, determination, and the power to discriminate.

How to Reduce Stress through Exercise: -

• When you exercise your body produces endorphins, which provide a natural high. The increased level of endorphins in your body will help you to think more positively about everything in your life, which in turn, helps reduce stress. • Whether you are running alone, or playing basketball with others, focusing on the physical activity that you are involved in will reduce your stress. By focusing on your exercise routine, you are forgetting about the stresses of your day, and your "to do list" for the rest of the day. This plays a big role in overall stress reduction. • Regular exercise can also reduce your stress levels by increasing your self-confidence and improving the mood you are in. When you are less stressed out, you feel better about things in general, and have less of a tendency to feel depressed about matters, so get out and exercise today. Get Rid of Stress with Home Remedies: -

• Drink tea made form Sage. Boil 1 teaspoon of dried sage leaves in a cup of water. Boil for a few minutes. Strain and drink. This alleviates all stress conditions. • Eat foods rich in vitamins A and B complex and those rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium. These foods are beloved to release stress and act as anti-irritants. • Exercise and meditate regularly. These two forms of physical and mental activates help reduce stress and lets you maintain a positive and cheerful attitude. • Talk to your doctor if the problems persist for a long time. Taking anti-depressants as prescribed by your doctor could go a long way in keeping you cheerful and stress free.

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