How To Get Someone Back: Even They Are Seeing Someone Now
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

How to get someone back is the issue faced when you are fresh from a break up of a relationship you held very close to your heart. However dramatic the end was, it is still possible to get them back, even when they are with someone else.

Though there is no guarantee that it will work in your favor you may end up hurting more than before if your efforts fail to get the desired result. But if that person is valuable to you, the pain is worth the effort.

When making an action plan on how to win someone back the first thing you must do is figure out what really went wrong between you both for the relation to reach such a state. Be prepared to realize your own mistakes and fallacies. Putting all blame on your partner may make you feel better but that won’t get them back to you.

You must realize that even if it seems to be one incident that brought about the separation the actual process was a progressive one and the incident was only the final blow. If your partner is with someone else now try to understand why they had to find someone else when you were there for them.

You have to give your partner space and time to consider their position and there is a very good chance that they realize they still need you. You can show them a willingness to mend things and to change things for the better. The frustration and anger from the breakup will die with time and just like you your partner may realize the value of the good times you had together. This could spur the love for each other back in your hearts.

It’s tough to be single and watch them happy with someone else. But what you see from outside might simply be a shield to protect the pain within. Even your partner might be showing a happy personality from outside but they are desperate to get back with you again. Even with somebody else in their arms there but their thought might be full of you. And since the relationships made on rebound hardly ever work you have a very good chance of getting them back in your life.

There are many don’ts to keep in mind when thinking of how to get someone back. First and foremost don’t beg and plead. It never impresses anyone. They may just back off thinking you are going to be a burden. Don’t be too aggressive either. Sending them too many text messages and giving them too many calls won’t help. You may scare them away. If they still have love for you in their heart they will surely see it in the way you are. For tips, go visit


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