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How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Web Site In As Little As 17 Minutes. There are hundreds of ways to get targeted traffic to your web site. You can: Do joint ventures with other web masters. Run banner ads campaigns. Place classifieds Advertise in Ezines. Publish articles with links to your sites in them. Run pop up campaigns. And many more. All of these methods work. Some work better than others. One of the fastest and most effective ways to drive traffic to your web site is to use search engines. Search engines used to be very complicated and difficult to figure out. You practically had to have some sort of “magical power” just to get a high ranking. And you still do…unless you use the secret weapon that is Pay Per Click advertising. Pay Per Click advertising allows you to bid for your position in the search engines. For example, let’s say you bid to be #1 on a Pay Per Click network under the term “parrot”. Let’s say that you bid 10 cents and yours is the highest bid. Well, since your bid is the highest, you’re now #1 under the search term “parrot”. So any time someone types in the word “parrot” on any search engine in the Pay Per Click network, they’ll see your site right up there in the #1 position. If (and ONLY if) they actually click on your site and go to your web page you’ll pay 10 cents. Again, the only way you’ll ever pay is if someone actually searches for the word “parrot”, sees your listing, and then clicks the link to go to your site. Here’s the best part: You can use this method to be #1 on the biggest search engines in the world such as! The Pay Per Click method will guarantee you highly targeted, highly motivated visitors. And the best part is that you can be in the #1 position in about 5 days. (It only takes a few minutes on your part…the rest of the time is due to the Pay Per Click network getting everything set up for you.) But what if you want to be in the search engines even faster? Now there’s a way. It’s called Google Ad Words.


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