How To Heal A Cold Sore Fast Using The Right Methods
Andrew Carmiel • onHealth & Beauty 10 years ago • 2 min read

If you have experienced cold sores you don't need to worry as there are half of billions people estimated to suffer from cold sores at one time in their life. To heal a cold sore you need to know the cause, let's take a look what is the cause of cold sore to occur?

Cold sore is caused by herpes virus. The virus stays dormant in your nerve cells. When the condition becomes favorable, the virus will head to the surface and produce cold sore blister. The favorable condition on which the virus breaks out to the surface can be triggered by a lot of factors. But the most known factors are anxiety, stress, cold, and flu.

Actually,your body can heal a cold sore by itself. However, the time needed to heal the cold sore can be quite different from people to people. Some people can heal their cold sores in 2 or 3 weeks and for some it may take months.

However, you can act proactively to relieve your cold sores regardless of your current body condition.

The first fact about cold sore, to spread and grow, cold sore virus requires warm environment. We can make the environment unfavorable by applying ice to the infected areas as soon as possible. This will help reduce and delay cold sores.

The second fact about cold sore, the herpes virus needs an acid environment to spread and grow. Stress, cold and too much exposure to sunlight can turn your body into acid environment. So you should avoid eating acid foods such as tomatoes, carbonated soda and citrus.

There are several other treatments that you can also use to heal a cold sore. For example: zinc, garlic and olive oil.

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