How To Improve Sperm Motility Naturally
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Testing sperm count is one way to know precisely what problems a man may be having with fertility. Unfortunately the treatments involved are usually risky and often have damaging and unwanted side effects. Hormone substitute therapy, increasing FSH levels and the management of testosterone are all viable methods for ration increase sperm count fast.

Fertility simply refers to a couple's odds of flattering pregnant. If you are fertile, than there is a good chance that you will turn out to be pregnant at some point in time. Though pregnancy may not happen right away, if both a man and a lady are fertile, they will conceive a child finally. Certain factor plays a key role in formative fertility. In order for a woman to be fertile she must create a viable egg during each monthly cycle.

Causes for low sperm count:

• Testicular injury and disease - injuries that affect the testicles may affect sperm manufacture and cause low sperm count • Overheating - excessive heat from saunas, hot tubs, etc. may reduce sperm production and lower sperm count • Smoking - smoking cigarettes may impair male fertility since it is documented to reduce sperm count and sperm lifespan • Drugs - the use of cocaine and heavy marijuana is known to reduce sperm count by 50% • Excessive alcohol consumption - alcohol is toxic to sperm and may reduce sperm count and quality • Obesity - many studies find association between low sperm count and obesity in men • Stress and excessive physical or mental exertion these can cause some hormonal changes in the body that can affect sperm count and fertility.

Speman Increase Your Sperm Count: – Speman is a known alternative herbal know world wide. It has been a famous product that is false by Himalaya health care, India. Speman is a globally known name as it has given men a cure of their issues like impotence, ED, PE and low libido.

Here tips you should bear in mind:-

• Herbal supplements that contain amino acids and zinc are known to help in the healthy production of sperm. Amino acids can increase ejaculate fluid (semen) and the supplement zinc can get better the sperm count, sperm volume and the sperm motility. • Frequent ejaculation of semen can cause low sperm count. Hence avoid very recurrent sex and masturbation. Giving a gap of 3-4 days between 2 consecutive ejaculations help to increase sperm count. • Doing certain penis related (PC) exercises not only help you last longer in bed, they can also aid in growing sperm volume. Several exercises can help to keep your penis in great shape and ejaculate like a champion too. • Alcohol, marijuana, tobacco reduce sperm count and sperm motility by 50%. Keeping away from these addictions help to increase sperm count and sperm motility. • Living a healthy, stress-free, smoke-free lifestyle is beneficial to the production of healthy sperm cells too. So avoid drinking, smoking and other bad lifestyle habits • Regular exercise is also a big part of a healthy way of life and will reduce stress hormones that may injure sperm. Getting in shape is good idea for fertility in general for both women and men. At the same time, over-exercise can be detrimental, and in demanding avoid any exercises that my impact or stress the testicles.

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  • Guest 8 years ago

    By eating foods rich in L-carnitine. Sperm production uses an amino acid called L-carnitine. Medical reports show that sperm motility and quality are enhanced within the span of 4 months by increasing the intake of amino acid L-carnitine. Food groups that are rich in L-carnitine are lean meat, and dairy products..

    The ways on how to increase sperm motility can't be simpler! With a few dietary changes, herbal medicine and time, one can improve sperm motility and increase your chances of conceiving a child..

    There are no magical drugs or potions that directly increase sperm motility. However many men have found using natural herbal supplements as a great approach on how to increase sperm motility. These special herbs, which are formulated to promote overall male sexual health, prove to be effective in helping sperm cells become more fertile and motile.